Makeup vanity – how to choose the most feminine piece of furniture

by Kremy

beautiful dressing table with round mirror and stool

A makeup vanity is a useful piece of furniture, a special place where women store their jewelry, makeup and hairstyling products. Also called dressing table, this is the place where women apply their daily makeup and in general, there is hardly any woman who will tell you that this piece of furniture is not an absolute necessity.

The modern market offers a wide selection of makeup vanity tables and accessories. You can easily choose a model that will blend organically into any interior – classic, modern, Scandinavian or high-tech. The size of the table and the number of shelves depends on the amount of cosmetics and various hair and skin care products you plan to place in it. For those who do not like to spend too much time in front of the mirror, a small table will be enough. The main features of makeup vanities are comfort and compactness. They allow you to conveniently apply makeup, do your manicure, hair or home cosmetic procedures. We shall look at the different types of makeup vanities, the materials they are made of and of course, we shall give you some useful tips and ideas how to blend them in the interior design of your home.


What are the most popular types of makeup vanity?

modern bedroom makeup vanity with mirror and wall sconces


As we mentioned, manufacturers offer a huge variety of makeup vanity designs. They differ in size, shape, material, type of installation, as well as equipment with mirror and lighting.

beautiful vanity table with classic design trifold mirror and chair

Basic makeup vanity models are a true classic. Typically, this is a simple table with 4 legs or 2 sides which has several drawers, shelves and takes up very little space. The main advantage of these tables is their mobility. You can move and rearrange this piece of furniture at any place and at any time. The table is most often installed near a wall or near the bed. Modern models usually have special lighting for better illumination and a soft ottoman for sitting.

bedroom makeup vanity ideas wall mounted dressing table

Wall mounted vanity tables usually stand on two legs and the back side is fixed to the wall which provides a good stability. This table takes up less space but it will take a little more time and effort to install it. This is a very practical solution for small rooms as the dressing table may be hinged. In most cases, these table designs are equipped with wall mounter mirrors but you can find models with mirrors fixed to the tabletop. As far as shape is concerned, wall mounted vanities may be angular – symmetrical or asymmetrical and you can install them in any room where there is a free corner, most often near a window, because there is a lot of light.

suspended vanity table with folding mirror and modern chair


A suspended makeup vanity is fully fixed to the wall. There are no supporting legs. This is the most compact option and looks very good in a modern interior style. This design does not clutter the space and gives a feeling of lightness.

built in makeup vanity closet furniture design

Built in models are perfect for small bedrooms. The most popular option is a countertop with a tabletop mirror.

small white dressing table with folding mirror

Folding makeup vanities are models that have a mirror on the underside. The table can be used as a regular desk. You can use it for writing, place your laptop on it and change its shape in accordance with the particular need of the moment.


How to choose the ideal makeup vanity?

small makeup vanity table with drawers

When choosing a makeup vanity you need to keep into consideration a number of criteria. Here are some useful tips or a short buyer’s guide, if you wish to help you.

The first thing that you need to do is to determine the layout of your bedroom. Are you planning to arrange the furniture that you already have in a different way or you plan to buy new furniture? Either way, you need to have an exact idea of how you will place the bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside tables and other furniture pieces. Do not forgaet that you wil need a free passage so taking accurate measurements is crucial! Once you know the size of the room and the other pieces of furniture, you can determine the space you will have for the makeup vanity and chair or stool for it. Yes, every woman would love a large, wide table with a lot of spacious drawers instead of a small and narrow one, but for small-sized space one can get creative, right?

Many people do not think of electricity when choosing a makeup vanity. However, this is very important and you have to bring electricity in order to illuminate the dressing table. Do not neglect the issue of lighting the dressing table. You will need either one lamp in the middle or two lamps positioned symmetrically along the edges of the dressing table. The optimal height of the lamp is about 180 cm from the floor. Do not place lights too low as your face will be illuminated from below and this will visually change its proportions.

Once you have determined the place and available space, respectively the size of your vanity table, you need to think of its functionality and design. What do you plan to store in the drawers? Do you need a place for a hairdryer? Do you need storage for some tall bottles with perfume or hair styling products? Do you need special organizers for hair accessories, sunglasses, etc. Answering these questions will give you an idea for the approximate number of drawers and shelves and their approximate dimensions. The height of your table should be comfortable to you as well.

dressing table design ideas white makeup vanity with compartments

Consider the capacity of the makeup vanity table. When you selected a certain model, think about whether it will be able to accommodate all your belongings. The more drawers, compartments and shelves, the better, but this piece of furniture should be light and elegant before all. Buy organizers – they are very convenient for storing cosmetics.

Location of the mirror is another factor that you need to consider when choosing a makeup vanity. Makeup mirrors vary is size, shape and materials. You may prefer a full-length mirror or a tabletop model or a folding one, which is installed on the downside of the tabletop. Remember that mirrors are an important element of the interior design. They create interesting accents in the room – a large one can visually expand the space, filling it with light, the small round one creates a feeling of home comfort.

Comfortable seating – this is a must for every makeup vanity. Depending on the selected height and configuration of the dressing table, you need to choose a suitable seat. It can be a stool, ottoman, high chair, armchair, bench – there are quite many options to choose from. Make sure that the upholstery matches the rest of the textile in the room. You can use the seating as a color accent in a monochromatic interior design. It is important that there is enough legroom between the bottom edge of the tabletop and the seat so if you are not buying a set, you will need to think about that too.


Useful tips and ideas where to place your makeup vanity

small vanity table with tabletop mirror and pink armchair

Most often makeup vanities are placed in the bedroom. They can be a part of bedroom furniture set or an individual piece of furniture. When your dressing table is not a part of a set, you have to be sure that it will blend with the style of the rest of the furniture and the design concept of the bedroom.

In the closet – this is possible if you have a big walk in closet with enough space to accommodate a vanity table. This is a great option, but not many houses have big enough closets.

In the hallway – if there is enough free space you can place your makeup vanity in the corridor. It is convenient to place it in a niche, if you have one. When there is very little space, a semi-circular wall mounted table can be installed and you can utilize some corner, for example.

In the bathroom – this is another popular option, but if you plan to place your vanity table there, you need to carefully consider the ventilation.

In kids’ bedrooms – usually, this furniture piece is a part of girls’ rooms. For small girls, vanity tables are more like toy-furniture while teen girls’ bedrooms can be furnished with a normal dressing table equipped with cabinets, drawers and shelves so that the young lady has enough space to store her cosmetics, perfumery and jewelry.




vanity table with trifold mirror stylish furniture ideas

stylish elegant furniture design vanity table with mirror and lighting

small vanity table with lighting bedroom furniture ideas

original furniture design ideas makeup vanity with folding mirror

modern makeup vanity design ideas with trifold mirror

elegant makeup vanity with large mirror bedroom furniture ideas

elegant makeup vanity table designs bedroom furniture

classic dressing table with wall mounted mirror and armchair

black dressing table and transparent chair bedroom furniture ideas

Bedroom furniture makeup vanity with mirror and lighting

beautiful modern makeup vanity table and wall mounted round mirror

bathroom furniture built in vanity table with mirror



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