Jewelry armoire – the attractive way to store your jewelry collection

by Kremy

jewelry armoires designs ideas jewelry organizers ideas

A jewelry armoire, is in fact, a really attractive way to store your jewelry collection. Moreover, it is a great way to keep it well organized at any time. You can choose from stand-alone jewelry cabinets, jewelry wall cabinets, or mirror cabinets. Those can be built-in into your closet, so you will have everything together- garments, shoes, accessories, jewelry. Does it sound like a dream?

Jewelry armoire – how to choose the right one

white floor jewelry armoire design deas space saving ideas


First thing you need to do before buying a jewelry armoire is to determine the size of the armoire. The right size is essential as you may be bitterly disappointed if you bought a small one and you have a vast collection of accessories. The other important measurement that you need to take is the available space in your bedroom, closet or wherever you intend to position the armoire. Jewelry armoires can be found in a wide variety of models and you can choose from designs with large inside space and lot of compartments or more compact and functional designs. The style of the armoire is also important as you are going to look at it every day and it will be a part of your furniture. Check the security features of the armoire. Some designs feature locks on drawers and door handles and some not. If you are in possession of valuable jewelry you’d want it to be safe.

Types of jewelry armoires

classic jewelry armoire design drawers mirror necklace hooks

The standing jewelry armoires are the most popular type of jewelry storage. They are very suitable and practical for large collections as they can stand on the floor next to your wardrobe or in the closet. This type is equipped with hooks for necklaces and a number of drawers which allow you to organize rings, bracelets and earrings. Wall-mounted jewelry armoires are perfect for rooms with limited floor space. They are space saving and easy to hang. Most wall mounted armoires have a mirror at the front, and these too, come in a variety of sizes and styles. Modern closet designs provide the opportunity to have built in jewelry armoires and organization drawers.


modern compact jewelry armoire wall mount

 Original design of a wall mounted jewelry cabinet

wall mount jewelry armoire ideas picture frame


 Wall mounted models are suitable for rooms with limited space

wall mount armoire ideas mirror drawers

 A space saving model mounted on a wall

wall mounted armoire necklace organizer

 Compact standing jewelry cabinet design

standing jewelry armoire white wood

A storage space for all your jewelry

standing armoire wood mirror drawers

A three part wall mount design

wall mount armoire mirror necklace hooks

A jewelry cabinet in a walk in closet

walk in closet design jewelry organizers necklace organizers

 Built in drawers and jewelry cabinets in the closet

walk in closet design jewelry organizers ideas

standing armoire white wood small drawers

standing armoire design dark wood jewelry compartments

standing armoire dark wood

 armoire drawers compartments

 designs jewelry organizers ideas

elegant vintage jewelry armoire wood decorative drawings

 light wood

Contemporary closet jewelry organizing ideas

Closet organizers jewelry organizers wall mounted armoire

built in walk in closet design

wall mount armoire jewelry organizer



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