A bed with storage drawers is a good space-saving idea

modern bed with wooden storage drawers

A bed with storage drawers can be an ideal solution for a small bedroom in your home. You can store your books or other things orderly. Such designs provide easy access and prevents mess on furniture and countertops. For children, a bed with storage also provides the extra bonus for eliminating the space once occupied by “Monsters”.

Ideas for a bed with storage drawers

bed with wooden drawer book storage

Most beds with storage have a modern look with a large drawer for easy access to extra clothing, bedding, and extra blankets. You can usually order metal versions in different colors for a contemporary look. In children’s rooms it can be used for storage of toys, or books preservation.

kids room furniture

If you order a large enough bed frame, you can put the drawers under it. Choose from plastic, wood and fabric, with or without wheels for storing excess products. Another option is to build your own storage box. Cut a piece of plywood in the size you need. Measure the space under the frame and leave plenty of room for the hinged lid on the top of the box.

Or a pull-out …

pull out bed small girls room

A trundle bed is positioned under another bed. If you do not need the extra one, then you can use the space for storage by adding drawers. Trundle beds are used as space savers, so that two beds do not take up too much space. The rollers on the bottom facilitate the movement. A mattress is placed on it, and it must be somewhat thinner than the normal mattress so that it will fit under a bed. It is better for the kids because the pull is easy, and there friends can sleep there. Some use it for their pets.

In the kids room

Bed space saving idea nursery room

Pull-out bed in the closet

storage drawers space saving idea

Idea for the kids room

pull out bed kids room

Pull-out design under the stairs

teen room pull out bed space saving idea

 Frame with drawers

bed with storage drawers

Girls room

pull out bed girl bedroom

Wooden high frame with drawers

 wooden bed drawers design

Colorful drawers

colorfu drawers

Storage space

 space saving kids room

Toys in order

drawers kids toys storage

Frame with wheels

Bed with drawers build yourself

Many drawers in the kids room

space saving kids room furniture storage purple wall color

space saving idea

storage drawers dark wood

storage space idea

daybed with drawers oriental

Bed with drawers and small table

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