115 cheap and stylish ideas for DIY table decoration

by Kremy

Summer table decoration ideas blue yellow cheerful

Prepare a wonderful table decoration for special occasions or just as a surprise for the family and friends! We will give you 115 crafty ideas how to arrange floral arrangements, coordinate runners and tablecloth with the rest, provide romantic lighting and create a pleasant atmosphere!

Article overview:

1. Table decoration with flowers

2. Festive table decor – kids birthday, family celebration, engagement and wedding

3. Table setting – napkin folding, combine placemats, choose runners

4. Garden table decor and setting

5. Lighting – romantic candles

Flower arrangements roses and lemons DIY table decorating


Flowers are a cheerful accent when decorating the dining area. You can prepare floral arrangements of seasonal flowers. Choose an accent and match the color of the flowers with the tablecloth /  runner /. Colorful fabrics should be combined with monochromatic floral arrangements. Often a combination with tulips is used. Try to combine lemons and flowers – the end effect will amaze you for sure! For special occasions one often needs special flowers – white roses, orchids or flowers on the napkins of table decor will give a classy look.

Shabby Chic table orange pink flowers lemons

Table decorating idea flowers glass spring decoration

Table decoration floral tablecloth stripes roses Lily of the Valley

table decoration green moss green lanterns birthday celebration

Table floral design green table runner decorating

Sunflower summer decoration jam jars DIY decorating ideas

Flowers and lemon cool table decoration idea spring

Table decoration evergreen plants roses

Table decorating moss vase fresh flowers

decoration Spanish pattern original idea design

decoration idea Autumn garden pumpkin vase

Kids birthday party garden decoration flowers glasses

vintage wedding organize decorating flowers

wine bottle vases table flower arrangements

Birthday party decoration anniversary festive table decoration

Garden decoration green shrubs country style design

vintage wedding beautiful decoration DIY white flowers candles

vintage decoration cutlery flower arrangement tulips

Wine bottle egg holder vase table

Spring decorating ideas purple grass placemats

Lavender decoratiing ideas Summer Garden Party

festive idea stripes pink blue

paper napkin ring DIY flower arranging

Roses flower arrangements

festive decorating ideas green vase flowers

festivedecoratiing ideas 100 craft ideas low flowers

Decorative country style bamboo placemat

romantic flower rose azalea white

Paper butterflies cool decorating ideaset

modern minimalist white onion

maritime fishnet carp plate

Surprise your guests with a cool table decor style original place mats – make it from note paper. Paint your old place mats with blackboard paint and write loving messages. Or buy just one color packaging paper and write the menu by hand. Collect river stones and stick them together – and you’ve crafted original place mats.

  Kids Birthday sailors topic

Napkin Ring Kids Birthday Craft Ideas original

beautiful fish platter Kids Birthday party decoration idea

Kids table decorate maritime decoration birthday party

Craft ideas kids birthday design decorating ideas paint

Kids birthday party idea placemat painter palette

Kids birthday funny decorating idea bone fork

Kids birthday boy Ninja decoration idea

Kids birthday decoration ladybug motif table

decorating paper flower pattern kids birthday

Kids birthday beautiful maritime decoration outdoors

Table decorating idea orange color nice design

romantic wedding ceremony table flowers

Vintage decoration engagement garden party

Wedding decorating ideas purple

Wedding restaurant decorating do it yourself

glamorous floral arrangements summer wedding

fresh tulips cool

Festive wedding lighting

Bouquet arrangement

celebration wedding anniversary flowers arrangement

Engagement family party flowers

Romantic engagement celebration decorating craft ideas

For children’s birthday party – choose pastel colors and decorate with handmade cardboard figures. Place packing paper on the table and give the kids something to paint – and they will take upon themselves the rest. The table decor style for an engagement party can benefit from flowers and tea lights. Place lanterns and create a romantic atmosphere. Ready!

Japanese style river stones design

Some useful tips – Below is a quick tutorial for napkin folding and a sketch showing how the cutlery should be arranged. We wish you a nice time with family and friends at the table!

etiquette formal setting

Napkin folding technique bow quick simple idea

rustic straw placemat tablecloth

original sets ornaments black white

Lantern runner engraved wood fresh flowers

classic setting ideas placemat music notes

Cardboard runner thank you message craft ideas

golden table runner do it yourself craft ideas

River stones on dining Japanese style

Denim placemat place card photo original idea

Placemat blackboard flower beautiful birthday surprise

 runner sew original idea

runner sew pocket cutlery

runner kids birthday craft idea colorful

Place card menu green grass beautiful craft idea

Table decorating rustic placemat shrub

beautiful tree leaf

Placemat boulders decorating DIY craft idea

runner lace romantic

table runner DIY family photos romantic decoration

Place card apple original wedding decoration country style

Garden family celebration garland

Table runner design maritime decoration garden table

Summer Party Table Decorating Ideas Big Bouquet

pink decorating ideas parasol chairs

romantic decorating ideas engagement garden

romantic maritime garden bench

green yellow decorating garden table daisy cool idea

Birthday celebrations decorating formal setting

Garden Summer decorating ideas fresh flowers sky

Garden Pavilion Celebration Summer Sun rustic

Garden design romantic picnic garden

Flower arranging garden tree trunk rustic vintage style

White Flower Decorating Ideas

Wine bottle vases garden table top decorate

Wine bottle stripes blue white green white flowers

sunny summer brown table runner white flowers

modern floral stripes tablecloth

Romantic Lighting Table Candle Lanterns silver

Lanterns Vase beautiful decorating ideas Wedding

black lace candle holders do it yourself

Lanterns glass jams beautiful decorating ideas

decorating ideas green candles luxury design

 orange candle centerpiece diy table decorations cheap table decor

Mason jar flower vase centerpiece DIY ideas

DIY ideas tea candles orchids stones

DIY ideas spring wedding decoration cans paper flowers

DIY ideas silver cones chistmas

DIY ideas paper crafts candy box ideas palm trees

cheap table decor mason jars flowers

DIY easter pink white flowers diy polka dots vases

cheap easy DIY roses tea candles

cheap diy paper craft ideas paper fans

diy spring table floral centerpiece candles

diy idea glass vase fresh flowers

diy easter eggs decorating ideas vintage style table decor

centerpiece ideas red flowers glass vases

DIY centerpiece idea glass candle containers floating red flowers


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