Light breakfast without meat – 6 quick recipes with delicious ingredients

by Kremy


easy light breakfast without meat 6 recipe ideas

During the warm season, a light breakfast can be the perfect start of the day. Today, time is never enough in the morning to prepare a nutritious meal. Sandwiches or quick oatmeal can be the right and fresh snack for the morning or in between. That’s why we’ve selected these 6 light breakfast recipes as a great start of the day all summer. Try these simple and easy slices of bread for every occasion.

Light breakfast ideas without meat

6 recipe ideas for easy light breakfast on slice of bread


Where do we get the necessary energy after sleep? A cup of coffee is usually just a short-term answer. Our body desperately needs some nutrients early in the morning. Protein or carbohydrates do not matter as long as they drive us and get us moving. Most people often eat unhealthy foods. Sandwiches, toast with melted cheese, sometimes even fried eggs with bacon or other processed meat are delicious, but not easy to prepare when you are in a hurry. So you can choose to change your approach to breakfast, and start the morning with a bowl of oatmeal, fruit, or slices of light bread.

bread slices on table with fresh ingredients for easy breakfast

On weekends, you can still treat yourself with something hearty. For example, oatmeal is also suitable as a light breakfast that you can combine with a variety of other healthy products. Berries, fruits, dried fruits, seeds, all these things can be mixed to make your porridge or bread more interesting and delicious. Just add anything that’s fresh. For example, you can use strawberries or even papaya to prepare a delicious and light breakfast at home or when on vacation. However, you can still enjoy more variety and take a break from the usual meals from time to time. We’re pretty sure there are many other light and healthy options for breakfast but these 6 ideas are very easy to prepare.

Cream cheese with salmon

slice of bread with smoked salmon cream cheese seeds and nuts


Bread of your choice

cream cheese

smoked salmon

Nut mix of your choice

mint leaves

delicious breakfast with bread slices with cream cheese mint leaves seeds and smoked salmon


Spread cream cheese on a slice of bread.

Place smoked salmon fillets on top.

Cut the nuts with a kitchen knife.

Sprinkle nuts on the salmon and garnish with the mint.


Caprese on bread

caprese on slice of bread with colorful cherry tomato mozzarella and basil


Bread of your choice

Half an avocado

olive oil


colorful cherry tomatoes

fresh basil

Mozzarella balls

preparation of breakfast with tomato avocado spread and mozzarella


Cut the avocado in small cubes.

Mash the cubes with a fork in a bowl with olive oil and salt to get a homogeneous spread.

Spread the mixture on a bread slice.

First cut the tomatoes into halves and then place them on top of the avocado spread.

Then cut the mozzarella balls into halves and place them among the tomatoes.

Finally, put basil leaves and season with olive oil. Your caprese on bread is ready.


Beetroot spread with cream cheese

light vegetarian breakfast slice of bread with beetroot spread and cucumber


Bread of your choice

marinated beetroot

cream cheese


mint leaves

beetroot spread with cream cheese and thin cucumber slices


First, puree the beetroot with cream cheese in a bowl with a hand mixer or a blender.

Then spread some of the mixture on the bread slice.

Arrange the cucumber, cut into thin strips, on top.

Decorate your light breakfast with mint leaves.


Hazelnut cream with maca powder and raspberries

slice of bread with raspberry chocolate cream and mint leaves


Bread of your choice

hazelnut cream


Maca powder

mint leaves

raspberries on bread slice with hazelnut cream and mint leaves


Spread hazelnut cream on the bread slice.

Arrange the raspberries all over the surface by cutting them in half or laying them whole on top.

Garnish with mint leaves and sprinkle maca powder on the bread.


Peanut butter with banana and blueberries

blueberries peanut butter and banana easy breakfast ideas


Bread of your choice



Peanut butter of your choice

banana slices and blueberries on bread slice with peanut butter


Spread peanut butter on a slice of bread.

Arrange banana slices and blueberries on your light breakfast.



cream cheese on bread with peach slices berry and mint


Bread of your choice

cream cheese

Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries



mint leaves

quick and easy breakfast decorating with mint leaves


Spread generously cream cheese on the bread slice.

Put all the berries in a bowl, add some honey and mash them with a fork.

Spread the fruit mixture with a spoon on the bread slice.

Finally garnish with mint leaves and peach slices. Finished!


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