Decorative stair risers – make a statement with your staircase decor

by Kremy

decorative stair risers orange painted stair risers

Decorative stair risers transform an ordinary staircase and make it a work of art. In addition, decorating the stair risers is a fantastic way to add an individual character to the staircase design and enhance the overall style of the interior and home decor. An impeccable interior design includes the tiniest details in a home and today we shall focus your attention on the various ways to decorate the stair risers.


Decorative stair risers – an eye catching accent and a highlight in the home interior

wood stair treads decorative tile interior staircase


We have selected some of the most original decorative stair risers which can be an inspiration for you and give you ideas how to decorate your risers. You may be greatly attracted to some design but you should always remember that the decoration of the staircase should blend in with the rest of the decor. There are so many creative ways to decorate a staircase and numerous materials to choose from – stencils, stickers, paint, chalkboard paint, wallpapers, etc. When choosing the type of material and the design  you need to take into consideration the color scheme of the interior design, the type of the staircase, the available lighting, the mood you want to create, etc.

DIY stair decoration chalkpaint

When you aim at a cheerful and fun design, the idea of decorating with various inscriptions and cheerful drawings will be right for your home. You can choose a favorite poem, for example, draw or imprint animal paw or human feet, etc. The easiest way to decorate is to paint them in different, contrasting colors or in colors harmonizing with each other. Stair risers painted in rainbow colors, for example, will always add to the good mood and cheerful atmosphere.


Decorative stair risers – creative ideas for your home decor

black white paint zig zag pattern

When it comes to decorative stair risers, people have the chance to express their taste and personal preferences. Some people decorate the staircase because it lost its fresh look, others prefer something new, unusual, creative and interesting. Here are some ideas how to decorate in an easy and original way.

colorful DIY staircase decor

Stripes can be used to mimic stair runners. This is an easy technique and all you need to do is paint the stairs and risers in two or three colors. If you like to experiment you can paint each one in a different color.

 DIY stair decorating ideas

Decorating with numbers and inscriptions is another easy way to add style and character to the staircase. It can be anything – just a couple of words, quotes from favorite books or lines from a song, a variety of tips, motivational sayings. You can use special stickers or paint.

 stenciled staircase blue orange

Using stencils allows you to create an original, unique drawing on every stair riser. You can use intricate patterns and ornaments which are suitable for the interior style of your home.

indoor staircase decor wooden stair treads

Fabrics and wallpapers also provide numerous opportunities to create original decoration. They come in numerous colors and patterns and are a great idea for a DIY project. Enjoy the gallery below and choose your favorite stair risers decoration!


original home decorating ideas

words designs interior staircase decoration ideas

how to decorate interior staircase

staircase decorating ideas blue white colors

original stair risers ideas

original staircase decorating ideas

moroccan style stair tiles decor

mix and match tiles for stair riser staircase decor

DIY stair decoration interior staircase decorating ideas

diy star wars opening crawl

creative staircase ideas

books DIY staircase decoration




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