Flower stand ideas to display your plants in a beautiful way

by Kremy

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Flower stands are designed as a kind of shelves and intended as an elegant stand for flowers grown not only indoors, but also on porches and balconies. They come in numerous designs – high or low – in a variety of styles, richly decorated or with strict minimalist lines, and they contribute to the appearance of every room. Flowers and plants make a room more inviting, comfortable and add freshness to the decor. However, when indoor plants and flowers become too many, homeowners are faced at the question how to arrange them in such a way so that to enjoy their beauty, but not overload the space? The obvious answer is to get a flower stand which will allow you to display your flowers and save valuable living space.


Flower stand ideas – charming and elegant home accessories

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Flower stands can be designed either as a separate vase for home plants or as a composition which accommodates a miniature garden. Flower stand ideas differ in shapes, sizes, height, width, color and material. You can choose from classic designs, as well as unusual and original models. It may be a single stand for a pot with flowers or a stand for several pots. The advantage of a flower stand compared to any other furniture pieces is that it can help you to arrange the flower pots at different levels, combining them so that the larger flowers do not overshadow the smaller ones. Typically flower stands are used to organize the pots in a vertical installation and the largest plants are placed on top while smaller plants are arranged at the lower levels.


Despite the fact that flower stands are not considered as the most important furniture pieces they often are an accent in the interior or exterior designs. For example, wrought iron options will perfectly complement the interior of a bedroom or living room and, at the same time, will look good as an element of the garden or patio decor. Wooden designs also perfectly fit into the interior and can be used in almost any style – from rustic, Provence, Shabby chic to modern, contemporary and minimalist.


What is important to know when choosing a flower stand?

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The quality of flower stands often depends on the material they are made of. When choosing a flower stand, it is important to pay attention not only on the material, but on the height, number and shape of levels, and the right position of the stand in the room. The height of the stand should be less than the height of the ceiling in the room, otherwise there is a risk of overwhelming the overall design. Depending on the design and size of the room you need to choose the size and style of the plant stand. It is better to choose a model with a durable and stable construction and avoid models with long narrow base as this type of construction, as good as it looks, is not very stable and may easily fall down. For families with pets and young children this is a serious consideration which should be kept in mind.

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Where to place the flower stand? When choosing the right place, the main thing to take into account is the type of plants that you grow – do they need a lot of natural light or prefer more shade? At the same time, the stand should not block the movement around the room. For small rooms corner options would be a perfect solution as they are compact yet they can accommodate several flower pots. Pay attention to the functionality – make sure that you will not have difficulties to water the plants.


Flower stand ideas – choosing the material and style

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The market offers a wide variety of flower stands made of a variety of materials. Choosing the material is essential not only for the durability and stability but for the overall appearance of your room. For example, a modern flower stand made of glass and stainless steel will not look very well in a rustic interior design while wooden flower stands will work with many styles, depending on the particular design of the stand. What are the most popular materials? The most common materials are wood, glass, metal, plastic, wrought-iron and wicker and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Wooden flower stands are the favorite choice of homeowners. They are eco-friendly, breathable, natural, that is in harmony with plants. Flower stands made of wood will look organically in interiors in rustic, country, traditional, classic, Provence, Shabby chic, Scandinavian, eco-style or any other style which is characterized with the use of natural materials. Very often such stands are a work of art with beautiful patterns, carvings or engravings which make them unique home accessories.

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Metal flower stands come in many design styles and you can find suitable models for classic style interiors as well as modern styles, such as high-tech or minimalism. The market offers models made of chrome, aluminum, stainless steel but perhaps the most popular type of metal flower stands are the ones made of wrought iron. They are strong and reliable, and very original. They have different patterns and often have a unique design and it is possible to achieve a harmonious atmosphere and a sense of integrity of the whole space. Wrought iron flower stands have a higher price tag but thanks to their quality and originality they will serve you for decades and will not lose their initial appearance.

Glass flower stand idea modern plant stands

Glass flower stand will blend easily in modern, contemporary and hi-tech interiors. You should pay attention to the strength of the glass and think of safety, especially if you have small children. Typically glass flower stands are manufactured able to withstand the load of pots with flowers and are stable enough.

plastic plant stand home garden design ideas

Plastic flower stands come in various shapes and are made in any color. They have their advantages as well as disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the fragility of the structure and they break easily. The major advantages of plastic is the low price and that they are easily maintained.

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Wicker stands for flowers also come in different shapes and colors. They easily and harmoniously fit into most interiors, but we see them most often in eco-style interiors.


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