Screen room ideas to extend your living space – furniture and design tips

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A screen room is a great way to extend the living space of the family and enjoy the weather without being bothered by bugs, insects, mosquitoes and whether you call it a screened-in porch, screened deck enclosure or a screened-in patio, the idea is the same. In many areas the climate limits the time that you can spend outdoors but still you can have a beautiful outdoor living room or entertaining space and if you need some inspiration and ideas how to arrange a screen room of your own, here you will find some useful tips on the design and furniture.


Screen room ideas – spend more time outdoors with family and friends


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Usually screen rooms are attached to the main house and some people refer to them as screened enclosures, screened porch or patio. However, you can choose a detached screen room, especially, if there is no possibility to screen your deck area. There is no reason to deprive yourselves from an entertaining space and have friends over or just enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings, eat meals with the family or just relax in the open air. We selected a number of ideas which will help you in planning the layout and the appearance of your own area. There are some things you need to consider and it is better to think of them in advance.

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The two main factors that determine the convenience of a screen room are size and location – perhaps you have an existing deck, or a porch. Check the requirements and local codes, as you may need a permit to screen your porch or deck area. It is better to choose the location so that you take advantage of the breeze. Another consideration is the amount of sunlight – it is better to screen an area with a limited amount of sunlight in the afternoon, as it will be too hot to use, especially in summer time. Consider the view as the view greatly contributes for the relaxing time outdoors.


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Consider suitable weather protection which will allow you to use the outdoor area as much as possible. You may want to add wind and rain protection and enjoy your porch in fall time.

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Ceiling height – this is something that you may not control, depending on the structural opportunities, but keep in mind that it is always a good idea to have a higher ceiling. The ceiling height significantly influences the look of any area, and even a small screen room will look more spacious with a high ceiling.

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Lighting – this is another consideration and lighting as important to any space. Whether you opt for ceiling lights, floor lamps or wall sconces will depend on your personal preferences. Lighting greatly adds to the ambiance and the atmosphere and is of great importance for the convenience of you and your family members and friends, especially at night time.

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You may consider removable screens as an option. For families with small children and pets this is an important consideration and you will prevent tearing a hole in the screens. It is a good idea to make one or two panels removable and ease the access to the garden or pool area.

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Flooring options come in many varieties. You can use one of the different decking options or if you want to feel like a house extension, a hardwood flooring, reclaimed wood flooring, tile flooring, etc. When choosing the type of flooring, keep in mind the climate conditions in your area, the levels of humidity during the summer and winter months as these would have a huge impact on the quality and performance of the flooring.


Screen room ideas – furniture and decorating tips


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Screen room ideas vary in decoration and furniture depending on the purpose and the main function of the outdoor area. Do you want an area for entertaining or you need a place for relaxing? In accordance with your particular needs you can design a dining room, a living room, a cozy backyard retreat and if you have enough space, you can arrange different zones for the different activities of the family. How to furnish and decorate your screen room? Here are some useful tips and ideas. You need to consider ceiling fans. These are essential in hot weather and will help move the air and offer some cooling breeze.

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Comfortable seating furniture – you need a sofa, armchairs or some lounge furniture which will make the space more inviting for family and friends. In a limited space, you could opt for padded benches and chairs, wicker furniture, etc.

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It is good to consider dining furniture as this will give you the opportunity to dine with the family or entertain friends and enjoy the weather. There are numerous options – from simple wooden dining table with benches, to elegant wrought iron dining furniture, modern dining table with a glass top, upholstered or padded chairs, etc. The size of the furniture should be chosen carefully. Larger furniture pieces in a small screen room will make it look cluttered. In such cases a round table is a good option as you may place it in a corner so that it does not block the center of the space. In large rooms, this will not be a problem and you can place a dining table, seating furniture, some side tables or additional tables for people to place their drinks.

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Storage is another thing to consider. It could be a china cabinet or a shelving system which will accommodate dinnerware, glasses and everything else that you need outdoors so that you do not go in and out numerous times.

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Be creative and practical – this is important for you as a host and will allow you to enjoy time with the family. Look at the ideas in the gallery and get inspired. Remember that when you balance aesthetics and functionality you will be able to create a pleasing and visually appealing outdoor space!



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