Contemporary floating staircase – designs beyond imagination

by Kremy

modern staircase designs floating stairs wood steel contemporary home

The staircase plays a crucial role in interior design – it is not only a functional element, but a nice addition to the modern interior design. Floating staircase design often challenges our imagination with innovation, creativity and, yes – courage!

floating staircase space saving design ideas interior staircases


Most people are feeling happy with the ordinary stairs, and do not see the need to change them.

interior staircase floating stairs minimalist staircase design black

However there are bold enough designers and homeowners who dare to challenge gravity and traditional perception with stunning designs.


black and white floating staircase spectacular staircase design

It is a fact that these stairs raise mixed feelings among people. There are many people who consider them dangerous and not suitable for stair runners ideas and there is the other type of people who are interested in them and want to have them in their homes.

interior wood floating staircase minimalist home interior design

Floating stairs are the perfect choice for contemporary minimalist interiors. The floating staircase looks elegant, stylish and airy.

modern floating stairs creative lighting ideas minimalist home interior

Sometimes floating stairs have railings, sometimes not but with or without railings they look absolutely spectacular.

Floating stairway design wood modern home minimalist interior

It is not a surprise that some of the floating staircases become a central element of the ground floor of each house and a focal point of the interior which leaves a tremendous impression.

Floating stairs wood minimalist interior design ideas

Interior staircases are now a modern architectural element in new houses. Many modern homeowners are so demanding on the interior design, that the staircase is a little more than a detail for them.

floating stairs interior staircase ideas wall light

The geometric simplicity of the staircase, the symmetry of the size and spacing of the steps, the way the staircase looks against a wall – these are valuable factors for people who cherish modern design trends.

 floating staircase modern interior staircase design ideas minimalist interiors

The staircases can be manufactured from wood, glass or metal. Their excellent properties such as lightness, stability and durability make them a perfect choice and a space-saving solution which is the key for minimalist home designs.

white floating stairs minimalist bedroom design modern lighting

modern home interior dining table wood floating staircase wall lights

interesting floating stairs space saving ideas modern home design

glass floating stairs interior staircase ideas modern design

glass walls contemporary minimalist living room

minimalist design ideas minimalist interiors

home office interior contemporary design ideas

contemporary floating glass steps skylight


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