Japanese bathroom design – the exotic beauty of minimalism

by Kremy

Japanese bathroom wooden materials plants beautiful mosaic bathroom lighting

Japanese bathroom design is an exciting combination of minimalism and ethnic style. The style is very popular for small areas but not only.

japanese bathroom interior design bathroom decoration ideas japanese soaking tub


If you wanted an original and unusual design, to have an atmosphere of serenity, tranquility and at the same time, be natural, the best option for you would be a Japanese style bathroom.

japanese soaking tub platform japanese bathroom design neutral colors

The separate functional areas are typical for the these designs, so you should divide the space accordingly.

Japanese style bathroom ofuro soaking tub hinoki wood

To have a real Japanese bathroom design you definitely need a Japanese soaking tub.

modern Japanese style bathroom design natural decor wood rocks

Whether traditional or modern, these tubs are a main element in the interior and have particular characteristics. The traditional soaking tub is called Ofuro and is made of Hinoki wood.

bathroom design ideas japanese style interior japanese soaking tub

Hinoki wood has high antibacterial properties, it is very strong and is not susceptible to rotting and fungi, not to mention the various types of pests.

japanese soaking tub japanese bathroom design ideas modern bathroms

Traditional soaking tub is shaped as a barrel or rectangular box. The usual depth is 81 cm, width of -1 m and length 1.4 m. The water is heated to 45-50 ° C.

rain shower soaking tub modern bathroom interior japanese bathroom design ideas

Modern Japanese style bathroom design follows the rules of minimalism and the philosophy of balance.

japanese style bathroom design soaking tub shoji screens neutral colors

None of the elements should prevail and each, even a seemingly insignificant details should have their own place.

minimalist bathroom Japanese style interior design marble tiles

The main principles of design – minimalism, simple shapes and lines, neutral colors should be followed, if you wanted an interior in this specific style.

japanese style bathroom decor natural materials shoji screens

To create an authentic appearance, a combination of subdued shades of brown, beige and sand are used, shades of pearl or milky white are also permissible.

bathroom decor ideas natural stone flooring

Small accents can be created with green or red, however, they should be used with caution. Bathroom plants are a suitable decoration.

Modern wood bath Japanese bath tub rectangular shape

japanese style design wood flooring wall decor

modern bathroom zen design Japanese style bathroom interior

zen bathroom natural materials

bathroom decoration wooden deck ladder shelf

Asian style bathroom decor ideas

zenbathroom ideas modern minimalist design



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