Stair nosing ideas – how to choose a slip-resistant edge for the staircase

by Kremy

stair nosing ideas stainless steel stair nosing modern staircase

Stair nosing ideas for modern staircase, also called stair edging, is especially designed horizontal edge installed on stairs where the most traffic occurs. Typically stair nosing is installed on stairs that have become worn or slippery to provide safety. Stair edging can be manufactured from different materials – aluminum, stainless steel, vinyl, rubber, wood, etc. Although nosings are most often used in commercial, industrial or public areas, they have their place in residential premises for interior staircases as a non-slip surface which prevents slips and injury. In addition to the anti-slip function, stair nosing has a protective function as it protects the treads from chipping, cracking and wear and tear.


What is important to consider when choosing stair nosing?

stair nosing ideas steel stair nosing non slip stair nosing


Stair nosing is a way to add a finishing touch to the staircase and hide the edges so that the treads are safe and at the same time blend with the floor and create a uniform appearance. How to choose the right product?

stair nosing ideas slip resistant stair edges interior staircase

On the first place the type of stair nosing will be determined by the type of stair treads. This product come in different shapes and are separated in four major groups – square, rake back, bullnose, kinked face, and the profile should fit perfectly to the stair tread and not lift or. Another factor that will greatly influence the choice of stair nosing is the depth of the stair tread. Professionals advise that on treads up to 300 mm deep single channel nosing is the ideal option, while double channels are suitable for stairs with a large going. The thickness of the nosing will also vary depending on the type of stair treads and floor covering. Some nosings are suitable for installation on wood flooring, carpet or carpet tiles, ceramic tiles, etc. Last, but not least, is the visual contrast. It may sound like an unimportant consideration, but a tonal contrast between the stair nosing and the tread is essential for the safety of people using the staircase.


stair nosing ideas non slip stair nosing interior staircase ideas

How to choose the material? We shall look at the most popular materials used for the manufacturing of stair nosing which are suitable for residential use. The market offers different materials – aluminum, PVC, rubber, bronze, brass, and wood. When choosing the material of the nosing for your staircase you need to keep in mind which type of material and finish will work with the existing interior of your home, the material of the staircase, the color scheme of the home and the surrounding walls and floor. The options for decorative finishes on the market are quite many to satisfy the individual needs of any homeowner.


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