Blinds ideas – how to dress up your bay window beautifully?

by Kremy


These blinds ideas will be of help to all of you who have bay windows. These windows not only look beautiful, but they expand the space visually and when dressed up in the right way, they make the room more presentable. Bay windows are often found in Victorian houses but modern architecture also takes advantage of their striking appearance and we see them in contemporary houses and residential buildings. At the same time they are increasing the amount of natural light in the living area and offer many design opportunities.


How to measure blinds for bay windows?



Choosing the right  treatment for bay windows can be challenging as they vary in shapes or arches. When we discuss  blinds, it is important to give you some useful advice how to measure the bay windows. Many people find the complex shape of the windows intimidating and the process of dressing up these windows quite stressful. However, you will see that it is not so difficult to determine the right size .


Bay windows are a projection from the wall of the house and the simplest and most often used configuration consists of 3 windows – 2 angled windows and 1 in the middle. You need to determine what type of blinds  you would like, and to be more exact – what type of mount is the most appealing to you. There are different types of window blinds mounting – inside mount, outside mount, partial inside and outside mount. Measurements are important because the main goal is to avoid colliding in the corners and get the blinds fit into the space.


For inside mount you need to measure the width of each window as well as the height. Make sure that your window has enough depth to fit your blinds. If you prefer an outside mount, the process is basically the same but you have to measure outside the window.


Typically blinds for bay windows when mounted outside are fixed to the wall. Mark the points on the wall where they will be fixed. Do not forget that this type of window shades installation will stick out from the wall and precise measurements are essential to avoid the window treatments colliding at the angles. Experts advise to use an inside mount whenever possible.



Once you have decided what type of mount you want it is time to look at the numerous bay window ideas and choose the type of blinds in accordance with your personal taste, interior style and color scheme. It is good to have a clear idea for their function – whether you need them for privacy or as a stylish accent. In a series of articles we shall look at the different types of blinds for bay windows – roller, roman, Venetian, and vertical blinds, by window shutters, curtains for bay windows, etc.

Roller shades


Roller shades are one of the most practical, modern and simple ways to dress up your bay windows. They can be very useful for creating a cozy interior and are a good alternative to the massive drapes. Roller blinds for can be combined with curtains, emphasizing the elegance of the living room, enhancing bedroom privacy, etc. Roller blinds for bay windows enjoy an immense popularity due to the fact that they combine qualities such as attractive appearance, functionality and opacity. It’s an alternative to Roman blinds. They look stylish and beautiful and come in numerous colors. Many patterns provide an opportunity to dress up your windows in an original and elegant way.


Roman shades for bay windows are another very popular bay window treatment and they decorate homes, apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels. Roman shades have many advantages – on the first place their visual aesthetics. They can be used either as main window treatment or in combination with curtains. They blend in any decor style and make the atmosphere warm and comfortable. Functionality is another advantage of Roman shades as they provide effective shading from bright light. Depending on the fabric that you select, the blinds can perform different design tasks. Roman shades can be manufactured from almost any fabric. There are numerous choices in terms of colors, textures, finishes to satisfy any taste and preferences. Roman blinds for bay windows are a good choice from a practical point of view as well. They are easy to clean and maintain, remover from the windows and washed.


Venetian blinds for bay windows have similar features with the Roman shades. Textured fabric has uniform lush folds and assembly mechanism in the Roman style. Venetian blinds have a length of 15-30 cm below the sill and are fixed with a ceiling or wall rod.


Vertical blinds are suitable for modern interiors. Most often, vertical blinds can be found in offices and various institutions, primarily due to the functionality and low price but more and more often they are the choice of customers for decorating bay windows. Usually, vertical blinds are manufactured from synthetic materials like polyester and from fabrics like jacquard and crepe. These fabrics have a high resistance to wear, do not fade if exposed to direct sunlight and do not collect dust because they are treated with a special anti-static agent. Vertical blinds are practical, environmentally friendly and are offered in a variety of textures and colors.


Of course, there are many other options to decorate bay windows – shutters, curtains or different combinations. The right window treatment made from quality textiles can set the atmosphere of the entire room.











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