Metal railing ideas – exclusive staircase designs for your home

by Kremy

metal railing contemporary staircase design interior staircase

Metal railing ideas feature numerous designs in various styles. The railing, by definition, is a fence-like barrier, which protects the ascending (descending) person from falling and provides a support while climbing which is especially important to older people. Stair railings are composed of several elements – balusters, handrails, newels, finial, etc. Railings can be installed on both sides or on one side of the staircase and on wide staircases, usually in public places, they are installed in the middle of the staircase. Very often the term “banister” is used instead of railing, meaning the handrail and sometimes it can mean both the handrail and the balusters. Handrails can be fastened to the wall or on the balusters.

modern staircase design ideas


Metal railing ideas are widely popular as metal is widely used for numerous purposes – outdoor stairs, roofing, exterior siding, etc. These railings come in a variety of styles – from simple and minimalist designs which consist of only posts and handrails to complex and ornate designs and can be made of steel, iron and aluminum, etc. Their major advantage is that they can be combined with any other material – wood, PVC, stone, glass, concrete, etc. You can use any kind of metal profiles – from the simple fittings and pipes up to profiles with a complex pattern. In addition, they are very durable, resistant to dynamic and static loads – even a thin railing can withstand a lot of pressure. Metal railings can be used both indoors and outdoors and except their basic function – to ease ascending and descending – they have a decorative function as well.


Metal railing ideas – spectacular element of the exterior and interior decoration

intricate wrought iron staircase railing

Metal railing ideas work with equally well with traditional staircase designs and with modern staircase designs. Wrought iron railing designs enable the realization of the most original ideas of architects and designers. At the same time, wrought iron railings can be used for efficient facade solutions without losing any of the artistic value. Stair railings are a good option as they are suitable for staircases of any size and shape. In addition metal railings are a great choice for the front porch, balconies, roof gardens, industrial staircases, etc. They come in many variations and materials – aluminum, steel, iron and each one has its pros and cons.

metal railing contemporary staircase

When choosing your metal railings, whether for the front porch, balcony, exterior or interior staircase, your prime concern should always be safety, strength and integrity of construction and of course, last but not least, the visual appeal and how the railing works with the overall style and design concept of your home. Why choose metal railings? Whether you plan to install metal railings outdoor or indoor, you will benefit from the exclusive durability, strength and low maintenance which are characteristic features for this type of railing. Even if you like the design but the color of the railing does not match your color scheme concept, metal railings can be easily painted.


Metal railing ideas and material options

metal railing ideas steel and stone stairs modern staircase design


Stainless steel railings are, perhaps, the most reliable and durable option, they are able to withstand very high loads and the stainless coating protects the metal from corrosion. Stainless steel harmoniously blends in modern, high-tech, minimalist, even industrial styled interiors and add an eye-catching shine. If needed, stainless steel can be painted to match the color shades of the interior and decorations. Stainless steel pipes are often chosen for lighter and more delicate applications to create a more airy look.

 metal railing ideas metal deck railing modern deck design

Aluminum railings are a great choice when you want original and interesting additions to the interior of your own home. They look graceful and are practical, long-lasting, durable and with great visual aesthetics. Aluminum railings are practically maintenance free and come in numerous designs and construction options and come at an affordable price and are quick and easy to assemble without welding. An aluminum railing can have different decorative elements – aluminum panels, insertion of glass, metal sheets – and come in a variety of colors. Due to the fact that aluminum railings are resistant to rust and do not corrode they can be used both indoors and outdoors, without worrying about the weather conditions.

 metal railing ideas exclusive staircase interior staircase wrought iron

Wrought iron railings are the choice for homeowners who want to emphasize the selected style of interior decoration and are absolutely versatile as they work with classic styles like Rococo, Baroque, Empire to traditional and modern ones. Elegant, beautiful and refined wrought iron railings are an asset to any home.


How to choose the style and design

metal railing grand staircase design wrought iron railings pillars

We selected a variety of metal railing ideas designed in different styles. Depending on your tastes and preferences, the overall interior style of the home, you can choose your railings in different colors and shades. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your metal railing has the elements and shapes specific to the style. How to recognize the style of the metal railing? Here are the basic characteristics of the most popular design styles.

metal railing gothic style railing staircase design

Gothic designs are easily identified by a clear geometric pattern, which is based on a circle or a part of it. The railings have visual lightness and height and limited decorative elements – shamrocks, vines and lilies.

wrought iron stair railing house entry arched windows

Metal railings for classic decors feature luxury railings, decorated with symmetrical sophisticated motifs – typically, those are floral motifs – laurel leaves, vine, elements that are shaped to mimic columns or sculptures;

metal railing wrought iron railings exclusive staircase

Metal railings for home decors in a Rococo style feature curved lines and a lace like appearance. Bouquets, flowers, leaves and birds are characteristic for the decoration and you see them everywhere, including on the railings.

metal railing ideas amazing staircase decor ideas

A baroque wrought iron railing is suitable for a luxurious staircase combined with a large number of decorative elements. Complex patterns combined with flowers and leaves are typical for the style.

metal railing ideas empire style staircase interior staircase

Empire is characterized with integrity, massive forms and monumental look. Simple forms and straight lines are characteristic for the style with many military elements like armor, shields and laurel wreaths borrowed from ancient Greek or Roman soldiers.

metal railing ideas art deco interior staircase design ideas

Art-deco style appeared in the 20’s of the 20th century in Europe. Wrought iron railings in this style are strictly symmetrical and feature a variety of patterns of ethnic origin. Bold sweeping lines that create the effect of rapid, uncontrollable movements are prevailing and create an impression of luxury.

metal railing ideas interior staircas house entryway

Modern railings feature simple lines, smooth and strict shapes, clarity and accurate symmetry. If any, the decorative elements are arranged in a strictly linear mode while the composition allows the use of both flat and three-dimensional elements.

metal railing ideas contemporary staircase ideas minimalist style staircase

Minimalist designs are focused on simplicity and functionality. Metal stair railings can have non-standard shapes and designs and metal is usually combined with glass or wood.


Choosing the best balcony and deck railing

modern balcony roof deck railing

A beautiful balcony has always been considered as a must since it is a major element of the facade decoration of any home. What makes an ordinary balcony into an attractive one? Of course, the railing. Choosing a metal railing for the balcony provides not only functionality but reliability and durability, resistance to corrosion and visual appeal to the home.

metal railing ideas balcony railing ideas modern balcony

Choosing a metal deck railing allows homeowners to add to the architectural style of their homes without compromising the view offered by the surroundings. Whether a modern stainless steel railing or an ornate wrought iron deck railing, the appearance of the home is tremendously improved and the exterior has a finished look.

deck railing ideas balcony railing

Nowadays, the numerous metal railing ideas allow every homeowner to choose the design that expresses his personal style, individuality and taste. Depending on the shape, deck and balcony railings can adjust the space visually. For example, curved railings visually increase the space. Stainless steel combined with glass is a good choice for contemporary homes or apartment buildings while wrought iron railings can be real works of art.

contemporary balcony railing

Enjoy the gallery below featuring some of the most striking metal railing ideas. You will see fascinating designs for almost any style – from futuristic to bespoke staircases and metal railings to sophisticated ornate designs combining functionality and incredible visual appeal.


porch railing wrought iron railing

metal porch railing wrought iron cast iron railings

metal deck railing patio decor

metal deck railing patio design

spiral staircase interior staircase black metal stair railing

metal stair railing ornate wrought iron railings

metal stair railing modern home decor ideas

metal stair railing imperial staircase wrought iron railings

striking wrought iron staircase design ideas house entry design

metal railings modern stairs home decorating ideas

industrial style home decor ideas

modern spiral staircase railing bespoke staircase

outdoor spiral staircase metal stairs

modern wrought iron railing design ideas

house entry front staircase house exterior

contemporary wrought iron railing

contemporary spiral staircase railing

bespoke staircase custom stairs

balcony railing wrought iron railing

interior stairs minimalist unique staircase



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