Metal roofing colors and house facade – choosing the right combination

Written by Kremena Ruseva

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Metal roofing colors come in a wide variety and when it comes to combining the colors of the house and the roof, there are many options. However, faced at the challenge to combine exterior colors, people often find it difficult and sometimes they make the wrong choice. There are certain factors that you need to consider when choosing your metal roof color and we shall look at the most important criteria that you need to keep in mind.

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Once you have bought the plot it is time to think about what your dream home will look like. When you remodel an apartment it is easier to determine the materials, their colors and but when it comes to choosing materials and colors for a family house a mistake can be quite costly. How to choose the color of the facade and the roof? What materials do you need to choose? The correct answers to these questions will determine the harmonious appearance of your home.

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Modern metal roofing designs should make it possible to create and retain the attractive appearance of the exterior regardless of the time after the installation. The color palette of modern metal roofs is really impressive in its diversity and provides opportunities for numerous design options.


Metal roofing colors – what to keep in mind when choosing the roof color?

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The lifespan of a well-designed metal roof can be decades, and that is why you need to think carefully about its appearance. The wrong choice of a color scheme can be a source of constant irritation and re-painting the roof for aesthetic reasons is an expensive and laborious task. There are a number of important factors that each homeowner should keep in mind when choosing from the many metal roofing colors which will guarantee that your house will look beautiful for many years.

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Colors and finishes matter –  keep in mind that one and the same color in matte and glossy finish will look differently. A glossy finish reflects the color of the sky and most light colored roofs with a such a finish appear blue on a clear day.

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Climate considerations – very few homeowners choose the color of a metal roof based on the climate conditions of the area where they live. However, the color of the roof has an effect on the energy balance of the interior. White and light colors contribute to lowering the temperature in the house in hot climate conditions while dark colors absorb heat and improve the micro-climate in the cold weather. Dark colored metal roofs are heated better and snow melts faster.

metal roofing colors ideas colors of metal roofs house exterior design ideas

Personal taste and character – you need to realize that your home speaks of your personality, taste, individuality and character. What impression do you want to make? Are you a traditionalist or a person with a bright and extraordinary personality? Metal roofing colors in a neutral monochrome color like brown, cream, black, gray and terracotta never go out of fashion. Extravagant roof colors in eccentric shades of blue, green or yellow may be a fashion trend for a certain period of time and without any doubt will attract the eyes of the passers-by. Before choosing such a color, however, it is advisable to check the rules of the owners’ association and make sure that the particular color that you find greatly appealing is accepted and approved. As much as you want your home to stand out, you should consider the harmonious appearance of the neighborhood. Walk along the street and look at the exterior design and color schemes of the houses. Of course, you do not have to copy them, but you will get an idea of the overall appearance and the choice of colors will be much easier for you. The surrounding environment also affects the color choice. For example, if your house is near a forest or in the mountains brown, yellow, green would be suitable colors while for houses built in near water, with a view of the sea water colors like blue or turquoise will be more appropriate.

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What is the architectural style of the home – metal roof color has a great effect on the overall appearance, so you need to choose it in a way that it complements the architectural style of your home. For a contemporary house you can combine several shades or even choose a combination of colors but in more traditional architectural styles it is better not to experiment. Usually architects and designers will give you an advice for the acceptable colors which will complement your home. For example, for a house in Mediterranean style reddish shades and terracotta are the best color options. The material of the exterior walls is also very important. When the walls are made of brick or stone, you need to choose a simple complementary color that will work with the color of the bricks. Remember that dark colors make the house appear visually lower while lighter shades add visual height. When you want to add an accent on architectural details – columns, pillars, ornate frames, arches and niches – you can choose a roof color in a contrast color but a contrast color is not a good option if you want to hide certain imperfections.

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Matching the colors – choosing metal roofing colors can be tricky as most shops have artificial lighting. It is best if you have a sample of the exterior colors and see how they work together. It is best if you bought a sample and check how it looks at different light conditions. Roof color will be different on a bright, sunny day and on a cloudy day. One of the considerations that homeowners seldom think about is the possibility of selling their house. An unusually looking house is much more difficult to sell than traditional so if you think of moving into a bigger house in the future, it is best to keep to more traditional and neutral roof color. Although brown roof color is considered as “neutral” you should know that brown shades vary from cold to warm and since roofing is a large area, clearly visible, you have to find the right one of all the neutral shades.

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As you know metal roofing colors come in almost every shade. Steel and aluminum can be painted in almost any color and imitate the texture of wood or stone. Always remember the basic rule – when the facade of the house is painted in warm colors, choose a warm shade for the roof and vice versa, unless you aim at creating a visual contrast.


Metal roofing colors and house facade – practical tips and ideas


 metal roofing standing seam house exterior design ideas

Every homeowner would like his home to be equally harmonious on the outside and inside. The successful selection and combination of the colors on the facade and roof determines the entire look of the home and this is a subject that requires a special attention. We looked at the main factors that will determine the choice of metal roofing colors and house facade – the surrounding landscape, the architectural style of the building, the dominant colors of the neighborhood, etc.

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The classic combination of colors – one color has a leading position and experienced sellers are aware of the fact that brown roofs are almost 80% of the sales. If you plan a brown roof color for your house it is best if you combine it with a facade color in all shades of beige, classic white or light green.

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A green roof will blend perfectly with all shades of milk, as well as white, beige or yellow exterior wall color. Green works with natural materials like wood and dark brown stone in a very good way. To accent on the roof color, you can paint window shutters or facade elements in the same color.

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Dark gray roof or black roof color well be in harmony with all shades of facade materials, other than gray. A graphite-colored roof will work with facade walls from white to brown.

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Red roof color or shades close to red are a suitable choice and work very well when combined with with pale shades of yellow, cream and peach. White and red create a strong visual contrast, while the creamy shades have a slightly lower contrast and add certain warmth to the overall exterior design.

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A blue roof will look great with white, yellow or beige walls. It is also advantageous to set off the intense blue color of the roof with facade walls painted in gray or pink.

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When we discuss metal roofing colors we have to say a few words about copper and steel. Copper is aging very nicely – when new it is shining in the sun, in a few years it becomes a dark matte, and then it is coated with a noble patina. Galvanized steel has a unique shine and is a suitable choice for contemporary houses.


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