Glass roof tiles – innovative modern technology for solar heating

by Kremy

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Glass roof tiles are one of the latest innovations in modern technology. The unique covering, which is also called “solar tiles”, is already popular in Sweden, Spain and the United States. The innovative product is created by SolTech Energy, a Swedish company engaged in the development and implementation of solutions for the production of clean solar energy and was awarded the “hottest new material in 2010 “ for its unique heating system at home.

Glass roof tiles – energy efficiency for every home

innovative solar heating technology soltech glass roof tiles


The main advantages of the glass roof tiles are the attractive appearance, the reduction of energy costs throughout the year due to the fact that the air pockets of this design are able to retain heat for a long time, in winter periods the roof is capable to clean itself from snow as it melts from the heat generated by a heat exchanger. Another important advantage is that the covering is resistant to corrosion and UV radiation and this means it is durable and environmentally friendly.

 Why glass roof tiles are so appealing?

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First, the glass roof tiles are made of ordinary glass and have a weight comparable to conventional shingles. Second, the solar heating system, in contrast to the standard solar collectors, does not heat the water in the vacuum tubes directly which means that it is cheaper and easy for installation and maintenance. This house covering provides a stunning “ice” appearance, quite unlike anything that we are used to seeing.

Glass roof tiles with solar heating – a cutting-edge technical solutions

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The innovative system using glass roof tiles with solar heating is integrated in the shingles. They are installed over a black nylon base. The black color absorbs heat from the sun and the air heated by the slabs, begins to circulate. Then the air is used to heat water, which is connected to the heating system and supply hot water at home with a heat accumulator.

 The transparent tiles are easy to install

Soltech system solar

The covering has a great visual appeal

soltech heating

Original and innovative solar heating technology

solar ideas eco friendly technology

 The shingles work effectively in winter periods

stechnology soltech systems

Award winning solar heating technology

award winning solar technology

The small transparent slabs are durable and environmentally friendly

soltech innovative technology

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