Stair Risers Decorating Ideas to Help You Renovate an Old Staircase

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Stair risers decorating ideas are inspiring in their diversity and amazing creativity. Staircases are an important element of multi-storey apartments and they may blend perfectly into the interior of the home or stand out as a spectacular accent. The design of an interior staircase is important. Using standard materials in combination with original techniques, you can create exceptional, beautiful stairs. The decoration of a staircase will depend on its construction, shape, the overall design concept, and of course, the wishes of the owner.

Stair risers decorating ideas to help you renovate an old staircase

If the staircase in the house has lost its fresh look or you are not happy with the way it looks, we suggest that you update it. We selected some of the most interesting, original and budget friendly ideas for decoration of stair treads and risers which can be a great DIY project as well and will help transform a boring staircase and give it individuality.

Budget friendly stair risers decorating ideas

how to renovate interior staircase creative decor ideas

There is no need to spend a fortune on staircase renovation but whichever technique you choose you need to remember that the decorative design of the staircase should not reduce the safety, which is especially important if small children or elderly people live in the house.

creative staircase decor ideas piano pattern

As you know, there is no limit to creativity and it depends entirely on your personal taste to choose the technique that you like most. The stair risers decorating ideas that we selected can help you with inspiration so that a new staircase with original steps will appear in your house. From paint to geometric or floral stencils, tile or stair runners, wallpaper or 3D stair riser decals – the result will amaze the guests and you will be proud with the new decor of the staircase because its appearance will reflect your taste and personality, sense of humor and creativity.


staircase renovation ideas original paint ideas rainbow

How to paint staircase risers and treads? Using paint is cheap and efficient way to refresh your staircase. Wooden stairs can be painted or covered with translucent protective and decorative enamel, transparent or tinted varnish, antiseptic impregnation with a coloring agent. Painting stairs is a way not only to create a protective coating on a wooden surface, but also to implement various design solutions to create a unique look. For example, you can choose an ombre pattern and paint stair risers in different shades of the same color, you can choose a rainbow pattern which is very vibrant and colorful or opt for white and blue look which will blend perfectly into a beach style interior design.

Quotes and numbers

decorating staircase with numbers or famous quotes

Romantic people and people with a sense of humor will surely love the idea of decorating the steps of the stairs with interesting quotes. The content can be anything, from a couple of words to lines from your favorite songs, motivating statements and good advice for every day. If there is a small child in the house who is just learning to count, the steps can be marked with numbers or a repetitive image of an animal or a cartoon character.

Wallpaper and fabrics

DIY staircase renovation stair riser decor with wallpaper

Do you have leftover materials from repairs craft projects? They can also be used to decorate stairs. Choose a solid color or an interesting pattern, different prints for each step, or the same one for the entire staircase, or a fabric of the same color but with different patterns. Combine fabric and wallpaper with numbers and inscriptions, do patchwork and decoupage, the options are endless!

Stair riser decals

stairs wall stickers cartoon little mouse DIY removable staircase decoration

This is the fastest method of decorating stair risers. There are so many different decals that you can choose a design for every taste – from graceful floral vignettes to humorous plots and mirror effects. Having in mind that the decals are easy to remove, you can update the appearance of the staircase with the arrival of each season or holiday. For example – autumn leaves, in spring – with flowering branches, Christmas symbols for the winter holidays, etc. 3D stair riser decals are another spectacular option and you can choose from numerous designs – landscapes, intricate mosaic images, holiday-themed images, etc.

Stenciled ornament and art drawings

stair riser ideas DIY wallpaper decoration

Do you prefer conservatism and restraint in your home decoration? Use stencils! Individual figures on each step, an elegant pattern or alternation of different ornaments – this is not a complete list of what can be created with their help.

A separate direction of stencil drawings, a fashionable analogue of the famous Moroccan tiles. As a rule, achromatic shades (black-gray-white) are used.

Do you like to draw? Is there a little artist growing up in the family, or do you know a professional? Draw the stairs as your imagination tells you! A strict ornament, a pretty pattern, a mini-landscape or a riot of colors – in any case, your staircase will be original.

Stair runners

home decor ideas interior staircases stripe stair runner

Well, stair runners are traditional and they come in numerous colors, patterns and design options. They are really practical and have many advantages – sound insulation, prevent from slipping, etc. You can select a stair runner that complements the color scheme of your interior or something bright and colorful that will become a visual accent. Another super cool DIY project is to paint a stair runner.

Peel and stick vinyl stair riser tile

DIY staircase decor ideas peel and stick tile

Among all budget friendly stair risers decorating ideas, peel and stick vinyl tile are on the top places. This is a great DIY stair decoration project and you can choose from a huge variety of patterns and designs.


amazing stair riser decorating ideas tile pattern

creative stair riser decorating ideas colors mosaic effect

DIY staircase renovation ideas wallpaper remnants

inspiring stair riser decorating ideas interior decor ideas

 stair riser ideas decor

DIY staircase decor paint ideas stair runner

ombre paint stair risers decorating ideas

stair runner for staircase


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