Modern outdoor kitchen – fresh ideas for stylish outdoor areas

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modern house exterior design ideas backyard outdoor kitchen

A modern outdoor kitchen may well correspond to the modern style of your home. The design of outdoor areas is always interesting but it is also responsible. This space should be not only functional and convenient, but also visually attractive. Moreover, it can be intended not only for cooking, but as a place where the whole family will be happy to gather for lunch or dinner as well as for guest entertaining. This means that you need to plan a dining area and maybe a lounge area.

What should be the design of your backyard kitchen? We will show you some exceptional ideas and several options for creative decor of the open kitchen area, and surely, you will be able to find something useful for yourself.

Modern outdoor kitchen – plan and layout

functional modern outdoor kitchen design ideas


Such a project does not necessarily have to be expensive. Many people are fans of DIY projects and all you need is a little more space in the garden or in the back yard and some creativity for the kitchen design of your dreams. Whether you will trust professional designers and contractors or will choose a DIY project, an open air kitchen is a great investment which will add value to your home.

First of all, a kitchen in the backyard, as well as the main one in the house, is intended for cooking. The general layout of a modern outdoor kitchen with its functional areas as a whole repeats the layout of the home kitchen – you need a food storage area, a sink, cooking, cooking and serving area. In addition to the dining and working areas, it also includes a relaxation area.

When planning your outdoor kitchen, you have several options. The most common design styles are a kitchen island, a U-shaped island and an L-shaped layout. You can equip the island with anything that is convenient and will suit your needs. It could be a gas grill, a sink and a small cooktop. A U-shaped kitchen layout offers more space for a grill, a sink, some storage space and more work space. Due to its compact shape, it is also ideal for a small backyard. The design allows you to entertain your guests while you cook. L-shaped kitchen units for outdoors are usually larger and offer a lot more space for food preparation.

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outdoor kitchen in dark shades gray and black combination

Storage space in the summer kitchen allows you to keep everything you need at hand. Make sure you have plenty of cabinets and a variety of storage solutions. Stainless steel furniture is ideal for an open-air kitchen.

Choose proper furniture for your modern outdoor kitchen. This includes dining table, chairs, comfortable lounge furniture, if the space allows, etc.

Do not forget about lighting. Often, gatherings in the fresh air happen in the evening, so it makes sense to take care of good lighting.

How to choose the best place for your outdoor kitchen?

patio design ideas pergola outdoor kitchen and dining furniture

It is very important to correctly determine the place for your outdoor kitchen. It should be in a quiet corner of the site, hidden from neighbors and surrounded by trees, bushes, flower beds. A beautiful view of the garden, natural pond or small fountain will make the area even more attractive. By all means you need to keep in mind the following considerations:

  • Select a windproof area.
  • Choose an area in proximity to a source of electricity and water.
  • Make sure the design is in compliance with all sanitary standards and regulations.
  • Generally, outdoor kitchens can be detached from the house or arranged on the veranda, patio or other area attached to the main building.

Outdoor kitchen large island with seating patio deck ideas

The first type features appliances and furniture in the open air, or under a canopy/pergola. Such designs require appliances and furniture that are resistant to temperature changes and will not suffer from heavy rain or morning fog with cold dews. For example, gazebos are a great option for a detached outdoor kitchen. Open or closed, from plastic, metal or wood, there are fantastic options with original design are decoration. A modern gazebo looks like a whole structure. It can accommodate an outdoor barbecue and dining area so that the hosts can interact and communicate with their guests while cooking. Garden pavilions can have various geometric shapes and sizes. In case that you prefer this option, you need to make sure that the area of the structure will be sufficient to accommodate the necessary furniture and accessories as well as enough space to receive guests.

The second option allows you to take advantage of large widows or sliding doors and use them to protect the diners from bad weather. Designing an outdoor kitchen on the veranda or an extension to the house, where one wall will be common, is an excellent solution when the garden area is small and you cannot build a separate construction. On the veranda you can also plan a heat source – a fireplace or a wood burning stove and use the outdoor kitchen in late summer and autumn months.

Stylish and functional modern outdoor kitchen design ideas

patio design with outdoor kitchen dining area and lounge furniture

Once you determine the type and layout of your outdoor kitchen, it is time to think about style. The design of the space will largely depend on the character and individual preferences of the owners of the house and at the same time it should combine functionality and comfort.

When choosing the style and decoration of your outdoor kitchen project you need to make sure that it corresponds to the general design and style of the main house and the landscape. It is not necessary to match color scheme, decoration, architecture and style but keep within the features of the overall concept.

Some homeowners prefer a light, unobtrusive design with a minimum of kitchen appliances, furniture, utensils, etc. Others opt for modern high-tech outdoor kitchen using the latest technology, high end furniture and related accessories to complete the overall experience and create a luxurious area in the backyard. Depending on the overall design concept you need to choose the proper building materials for the construction of the kitchen and the finishes – wood, metal, glass, decorative or natural stone, stainless steel, etc.

Patio kitchen ideas dining and lounge furniture for your outdoor area

After choosing your design, you need to select your kitchen appliances. A gas or charcoal grill is usually a must. Grills’ prices can range from very affordable to very expensive. You will also need a sinks, refrigerators, wine cooler, additional cooking devices, etc. Whether you need an oven (possibly a pizza oven) or not depends on how much you expect from your outdoor kitchen.

We mentioned the importance of proper lighting. People tend to neglect lighting but it helps creating real coziness and comfort. Ideally, artificial light in the evening should be soft and you can choose and combine different options – pendant lights, wall sconces, spotlights, table lamps, floor lamps, string lights, etc. With the help of light, you can divide the space into zones, for example, a cooking and dining area.

Choosing furniture for your modern outdoor kitchen also requires attention. Upholstered furniture is comfortable but it should be made of water resistant materials. Light and practical wooden furniture with soft pillows is a great idea moreover the market offers many models with sleek lines that will add to the contemporary feel. Rattan furniture is another great option suitable for the interior of an outdoor kitchen.

patio design with outdoor kitchen and big dining table

Enjoy the gallery below and these amazing modern outdoor kitchen designs!



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Modern outdoor kitchen fresh ideas for stylish outdoor areas

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How to choose the best place for your outdoor kitchen

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