Surfboard decor ideas – creative and original DIY home decorations

by Kremy

surfboard decor ideas decorative surfboards beach style home decor

Surfboard decor ideas will be greatly appealing to all lovers of sea waves. A surfboard is pretty large and is usually hidden in a closet or in the garage, under the bed or on top of the wardrobe. However, it can be a great decorative element to expose and integrate it with the existing decor. Its particular shape and its colors or the numerous customization possibilities give the space a very particular touch of the person who lives in the home.

surfboard decor ideas surfboard wall decor living room interior design


Surfboards are perfect for interior designs in Nautical or beach style, although depending on the design you can combine a surfboard with more contemporary urban decorative elements or more rustic accents. Small surfboards are especially good for decorating children’s rooms, as they are brightly colored and give a lot of fun and vibe to the kids’ bedroom atmosphere. Have a look at these surfboard decor ideas that look very impressive when incorporated into the decoration of a house, whether this house is located on the coast or not.


Surfboard decor ideas – how to use it in a creative way?

surfboard ideas decorative clothes hooks DIY coastal decor

In our article today we have very original images with surfboard decor ideas. Who said surfboards are only for enthusiasts of extreme water sports? Even if you do not practice surfboarding but you like the style you can use the boards in many different ways. One of the most popular ideas is to hang them on the wall, horizontally or vertically, that’s entirely a personal preference. You can do that in any room of the house – the living room, kitchen, dining room, even the home office. This type of wall decoration immediately adds a summer vibe to the living space, color and a sense of vacation leisure. Crafting a bed headboard from surfboards is also a great idea for DIY furniture fans. If you feel like crafting a surfboard coffee table for your beach style living room – no problem! It is a fun project with unique visual appeal.


Surfboard decor ideas – an accent in the modern home design

surfboard decor ideas surfboard wall decorative

Some surfboard decor ideas show how you can fill an empty corner with a beautiful surfboard while other ideas make them a focal point. You can get surfboards in many different colors and designs and the possibilities of using them to accentuate a room are really endless. If you are passionate about beach style and nautical decorations which you want to use in your home – there are no limits. Combine surfboards with sea stars, ropes, driftwood, sand and shells, fishermen nets – anything that makes you happy. You can even hang a beach hat on the surfboard and create a lovely decorative item for the hallway. Surfboards are a natural element from the decor of teenagers’ bedrooms. Young men love extreme water sports and leisure activities. It will be a great idea to remodel the teen bedroom and use the beach and surf theme to decorate it.

surfboard teen bedroom decorating ideas coastal

Surfboards are beautiful and good looking decorative items and can be easily combined with the rest of your furniture. Enjoy the gallery and choose a nautical decoration for your home.

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