Marquee letter lights – how to use them as home decoration

by Kremy

vintage marquee letters cool teen bedroom decoration ideas

Typically, marquee letter lights are used for advertising. You can see them everywhere and people are so used to them as commercial signs that they do not realize that these can be used in various ways as home decoration.

 Marquee letter lights – personalize your home decor

red heart original marquee letter valentines day decoration wedding party decoration


Marquee letter lights can be made of plastic, plexiglass, steel, aluminum or any other material. Each letter is crafted separately and the lights can be LED, neon, or bulbs.

marquee letter lights creative party decorating ideas

Although marquee letter lights are widely used in advertising, there are many creative ways to use them as home decoration, wedding decoration or decor for special occasions, parties, etc.

DIY home decoration ideas marquee letters teen bedroom decoration ideas

You can buy them from a store, or craft them by yourself. There are many DIY marquee letters tutorials depending on what type of material you use.

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At home marquee letters can be crafted from cardboard, plaster or PVC plastic.


Marquee letter lights ideas

 letter lamp nursery room lighting kids bedroom decoration

Marquee letter lights would be a cool decoration for kids’ bedrooms. Very often little kids are afraid of the dark and a small marquee letter will serve you both as a lovely decoration and as a night lamp.

marquee lamp bulb star kids bedroom lamp ideas

A stylish and interesting lamp will become a favorite accessory of the child, because the letter can be any, for example, the first letter of the name of the child.

personalized decoration monograms DIY letters

You can choose the color of the lamp in the style of the room interior. Of course teens would be more than happy to have a lightning on the wall or a cool sign and you can get them involved in crafting an original decor for their bedroom.

wedding party decorations marquee letter lights creative decorations

If you plan a party indoors or outdoors the you can be really creative and use marquee letters which will be a wonderful centerpiece of your unique decor.

marquee lights cloud nursery room lighting kids bedroom decoration

 letter lights bulb letter creative decorating ideas home decor

DIY wedding party decoration ideas love sign letters

DIY marquee lights ideas party decoration ideas

DIY creative ideas bulbs marquee original decorations

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