Interior stone wall ideas – design styles and types of stone

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Interior stone wall ideas are not only a beautiful wall finish. Stone is a material used by man by ancient times for various constructions – from small houses to gorgeous palaces. The huge popularity of stone was widely popular and accessible and despite the fact that nowadays we consider it as a luxury, stone offers many unique properties. Luckily modern technology has developed alternatives to natural stone and we shall look at both natural and artificial stone. Many people wonder if it is worth investing in natural stone or choose a man-made alternative. Let’s see the differences, pros and cons of natural stone and artificial alternatives.

Interior stone wall ideas – natural stone or faux stone?

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When it comes to interior stone wall ideas the first decision that you need to make is what type of stone to use. Unless you already have an authentic antique natural stone wall which you want to preserve, you may choose faux stone panels or invest in natural stone.

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The first and probably most important difference between the two types of stone is the origin. Natural stone is gathered and processed from quarries. Some varieties of natural stone are processed in factories and shaped from large slabs. The shaping technique may include a diamond saws, and water cutting tools, but some stones like river pebbles which are more popular for landscaping can be used in interior design without additional shaping. You can see them as kitchen backsplashes, for example.

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Faux stone is a man-made product, also known as fake, artificial, cultured, etc., and it is made of cement which is poured into molds. The mixture sets into a stone like shape and imitates the appearance of natural stone. Manufactured stone comes in different varieties and some are formed into panels for easier installation.

Interior stone wall ideas – decorative stone with unique properties

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Interior stone wall ideas featuring natural or faux stone add a unique character to any room. There are many ways to use natural and artificial stone in the interior. Stone works with different design styles as well. It is an excellent choice for rustic, cottage or contemporary interiors and a stone wall accentuates the design concept. In rustic or cottage interiors the combination of a stone wall, furniture, fabrics and accessories create a cozy and inviting space whit in contemporary interiors the stone enhances the clean lines of design. Very often interior stone walls are the focal point of the room and in the images below you will see some amazing accent walls.

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Interior stone walls have unique texture, they are incredibly durable and with great insulating properties. Stone is resistant to temperature changes and is the perfect choice for “hot spots” like fireplaces or indoor pizza ovens. Environmentally friendly and reliable, interior stone walls are resistant to high humidity levels, they are wear resistant, flame-retardant and resistant to mold or fungus. The stone used for interior decoration is lightweight so the finish or the wall itself will not collapse and get deformed. Stone does not rot, retain odors and has the longest lifespan from any other finishing material. In addition, you can choose from a variety of colors to create a striking stone wall with unique pattern and shape. Limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate and coral stone are the most popular choices. Finally, maintenance of interior stone walls is relatively easy. It is enough to occasionally wipe the wall with a damp cloth using mild detergents or just a damp cloth. To avoid any damaging and ruin the beauty of the finish do not clean stone walls with metal brushes or abrasives.

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Depending on the design concept of the home or the room, you can use your stone wall as an accent wall. You have to select the right type of stone which will add texture and depth to your interior. Stones with darker colors may feel cold so you should combine them with materials that have softer appearance – timber, rugs, pillows, etc. Lighting is essential as it highlights stone’s natural textures and veining. If not illuminated correctly even light colored stone may create the wrong impression.

Interior stone wall ideas – practical tips

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However, when you want to reveal the natural beauty of the stone, you have to pay special attention to a few simple rules. Whether you opt for natural stone or faux stone, you will have a powerful decorative element in the room.

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Try to create the right lighting which will accentuate the texture of your natural stone wall. It can be incorporated into the interior of any style but it is important to choose the right type of stone. Limestone, for example, is a relatively soft stone which is very beautiful and visually attractive, which has been successfully used for decorating both interior and exterior. It is a great choice for designs in modern style.

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Combine natural stones with warmer materials, such as leather, fur, cashmere, carpet and fluffy pillows. In this way you will be able to balance the coldness of stone.

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Add bright color accents in worm shades of yellow, orange and red. They will make your stone wall stand out in a most spectacular way.

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Do not be afraid to use different-sized stones. The difference in size will add a dynamic look and your stone wall will have a more natural appearance.

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