Ledgestone tile ideas – interior and exterior ideas for your home

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contemporary fireplace ledgestone tiles living room design

Ledgestone tile ideas are seen in many modern interiors. We shall see how to use stone panels in the different rooms of the house as well as how we could add character to the exterior design. Ledgestone panels are especially popular as they offer the appearance of real wood and are a spectacular feature in any home.

What is ledgestone tile?

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Ledgestone is one of classic stone styles which features a pattern of stonework utilizing horizontal joints. Usually this pattern features individually stacked pieces of stone and is widely known as stacked stone. Real stone pieces were laid by hand which is a long process, time and labor consuming as well as quite expensive as the installation requires a mason or an expert. The material was most often used as a fireplace surround, accent walls or as house exterior decoration.

ledgestone tile ideas wall decorating ideas interior design

Ledgestone tiles are a modern lightweight version of natural stone and are manufactured to imitate a variety of stone types. On the market ledgestone tiles are known as stone panels or stacked stone and are made of natural stone, usually slate, travertine or quartz , which is pre-cut into thin, rectangular pieces. Ledgestone tile ideas are widely popular in many design styles – modern, rustic, country, Mediterranean, and due to the fact that the installation process is significantly easier and quicker, we see a variety of home interiors and exteriors using ledgestone tiles or panels, if you wish.

Ledgestone tile ideas – a variety of colors for every taste and interior color scheme

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Ledgestone tile ideas feature a wide variety of design options. These tiles add character, personality and texture to the space. Sledgetone tiles are manufactured with the appearance of natural stone with the rough texture of quarried stones. A spectacular feature of ledgestone tiles is the irregular shape and size and height of the individual pieces and the charming rugged appearance which gives the authentic character of the tiles.

ledgestone tile colors interior exterior design wall decorating

Ledgestone tiles are offered in diverse colors and finding the right one for your design will not be a problem. For example, a charcoal gray or anthracite colors are a good choice when you want to add a dramatic accent wall in a contemporary living room.

stone fireplace ledgestone tile ideas living room decor

To people who are attracted to the lighter colors of travertine, ledgestone tiles in beiges, browns and cream tones will look especially appealing. These neutral colors will work for any decor style – modern or rustic and the texture of the stone will add to the character of the room.

stone tile ideas living room accent wall stone wall ideas

Ledgestone tiles in rich, dark red and brown tones will work well with mahogany, cherry and other wood colors. These would be suitable to set accent colors in the interior and complement both rustic and modern decors. Grayish hues work with modern interiors as they neutral gray is a fabulous background for accent colors.

Ledgestone tile ideas – accent wall ideas to enhance the style of interior and exterior design

ledgestone tile ideas stone fireplace surround

Stone is a material used for thousands of years in people’s homes as flooring or as wall finish. When you look at the Ledgestone tile ideas in the gallery below you will notice that ledgestone tiles are used as fireplace surround, kitchen backsplash, kitchen island decoration, accent walls, bathroom accent wall, home bars, in dining rooms, foyers, hallways etc. Ledgestone tiles give an amazing finished look and add to the ambience of the room.

ledgestone tile ideas kitchen backsplash ideas kitchen decor

Due to the fact that ledgestone tiles are manufactured from trimmed pieces of natural stones fixed together, the timeless beauty of stone complements the interiors of the home in a spectacular way. You can easily make a difference between natural ledgestone and faux stone as the natural stone lacks uniformity and there is a certain color variation. Before choosing the tiles for your interior it is best to go to the store and handpick the desired color, size, shape and texture. The diversity of ledgestone tiles guarantees numerous design opportunities and a fascinating blend of old and new, traditional and modern in different decor schemes and you will be certain that your stone wall will have a unique look with natural colors that will not fade.

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Ledgestone tiles are the perfect choice for many exterior projects such as outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, exterior feature walls and even pools and water features. The tiles are a fantastic accent for front porches and columns. They highlight architectural details of the house, the exterior design or landscaping in a most beautiful way. Most often we see ledgestone tile application as exterior cladding of house facades, the lower portion of walls or below windows.

Ledgestone tiles advantages and disadvantages

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The appearance is the most important advantage as the stunning look of the accent wall, for example, immediately becomes the focal point of the room. The tiles are a practical, sophisticated option for any space and enrich the variety of textures. Ledgestone tiles can be beautifully blended in the overall design or become a dramatic accent in the interior. The material is eco-friendly and sustainable which, nowadays, is of great importance.

ledgestone tile ideas kitchen island decor

On the downside of ledgestone tiles is the weight which means that the installation requires special tools and materials in order to fix the tiles to the wall. The price tag can be in the higher range but the prices vary and there are affordable options to suit any budget.

stone tile wall decorating ideas kitchen wine cellar design

As a conclusion, we can say, that ledgestone tiles will give you the simplicity, the timeless beauty and the visual aesthetics of natural stone inside or outside and will be a fabulous addition to your home décor. Enjoy the gallery below and the different ledgestone tile ideas.

contemporary living room stone tile fireplace surround

living room fireplace remodel ideas ledgestone tile fireplace surround

ledgestone fireplace surround stone fireplace modern living room

kitchen backsplash ideas ledgestone tiles kitchen decor

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