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Knotty pine doors are a timeless classic and although modern technology offers numerous interior door options and designs, there are many people who prefer the natural beauty of solid pine wood. Interior doors are one of the main components of the home interior, they not only divide the space but decorate and complement it. What do you want from your interior door? Aesthetic appearance, functionality and reliability, durability and of course, high quality.


Knotty pine doors offer many advantages


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Knotty pine doors offer many advantages when compared with alternative options. Solid wood always look stylish, prestigious and elegant. Their natural beauty and environmental friendliness and the fact that pine wood is safe for human health are among the main advantages.


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You can take advantage of the reliability and durability of solid wood. Their life span is really long and you can find original doors in old houses which were installed a century ago. Even if they are worn out, with some restoration techniques, their initial appearance can be restored and the doors will serve for many years.


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Interior doors have very high insulating properties compared to modern doors. In terms of sound and heat insulation, they have a leading position. High quality models are made of dried wood which prevents deformation and allows their use in the bathrooms and the kitchen, provided that the door has a protective coating. The doors are much lighter than the ones made of oak wood, for example which means less possibility of sagging over time.


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When you look for solid wood interior doors, knotty pine is an excellent option as their cost is lower and the price is much more affordable.


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The light color makes them suitable for many interior color schemes and design styles. Rustic and country, of course, but modern and traditional interiors will also benefit from a fabulous knotty pine door. In terms of appearance, they offer a beautiful warm look, a unique texture and the specific knots in the wood are a special and characteristic feature.

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Knotty pine doors are manufactured with standard sizes in different designs but if you are looking for a custom door, you could have your unique design.


Knotty pine doors disadvantages and tips for the customers


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One of the most important factors that customers need to be aware of is that knotty pine doors can be affected by temperature changes and humidity. When installed in areas with high humidity levels there is a risk of losing the shape. To avoid such effects it is necessary to treat them with special chemicals that increase the moisture resistance of wood and then coat them with high quality lacquer.

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Although knotty pine doors offer high durability, you should remember that this is a soft wood which can dent easily but it is quite unlikely that you accidentally punch a hole in the door.


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