Industrial doors – an accent in modern home interior design

by Kremy

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In recent years industrial style is getting more and more followers and the growing popularity of the style, although typical for urban dwellings, is appealing to many people as it combines modern aesthetics and industrial elements, vintage and rustic touches to achieve a great visual effect. Home interiors with elements of Industrial style look particularly attractive for their unpretentious appearance, the natural character of materials, the textures and when you want to create an Industrial decor you need to be aware of the basic characteristics of the style. In this article we shall have a close look at Industrial doors as they are an element of the decor which has its own significance for the overall appearance, adds to the atmosphere of the home and accents on the style.


Industrial doors – how to use barn doors in Industrial style decor?

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Industrial style in the interior of a home is close to minimalism and combines the most necessary items and furniture pieces from a practical point of view. Decoration and accessories are limited and that is why the accent is on the materials and harsh forms so Industrial doors are both an architectural and decorative element. Designers use the simplicity of untreated surfaces in expressive ways to underline the style and the functionality. Comfort and convenience – all that is necessary for the modern busy person and this motto is the starting point for an Industrial interior. Rough textures in the industrial design of the interior are striking in their beauty. Brick wall bedroom decor, wall tiles and even concrete walls are often seen in industrial interiors. Obviously, brick walls are particularly popular, as well as steel constructions, exposed ceiling beams, pipes, wooden or painted floor that give the room a real vintage look.

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A common misconception is that sliding barn doors are a typical element of the Rustic style and should be used only in rustic decors. They can be successfully used in Industrial interiors as they completely fit with the concept of the style which mixes elements with a rustic character with used and worn out look. Sliding barn doors from new or reclaimed wood can add a unique character not only to the bedroom. They can be used as closet doors, in bathrooms decorated in industrial style, and of course as partition walls in loft apartments helping the zoning of the living area. In a minimalist styled interior using a barn door as an architectural element adds visual and textural beauty and breaks the monotonous appearance. Wood has its own unique beauty and warmth and you can choose a pattern of wood that will enhance the overall design.


A great advantage is that barn doors are eco-friendly, with a natural look of aged elegance that can hardly be imitated. In addition the contrast between concrete walls and the textured reclaimed wood of a barn door creates a visual aesthetic which stands out with its uniqueness. Combined with brick walls and exposed ceiling beams a sliding barn door creates a has a striking appearance.

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From a practical point of view sliding barn doors are the perfect space saving solution. Most doors take up from the space because of the swinging opening while the barn door simply slides away and you can conceal the closet, or the home office, the bathroom, etc.


Metal industrial doors – accent the style of your interior

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Metal has a major role in industrial style and interior doors made of metal – steel, copper, corrugated metal – unmistakably belong to the style. With or without glass panels, metal industrial doors are an eye catching element in the interior. Rough, with a look as if borrowed from a factory and in some cases the doors are actually salvaged from old factories, they are simple, functional and this is what Industrial style is all about.

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The sturdy look of metal industrial doors works perfectly with the exposed pipes, which are typical for the style and with furniture pieces like metal cabinets, staircases, decorative accents like door knobs and lighting fixtures. Metal works with wood as well which is another reason to opt for a metal door in an industrial styled home. The neutral color of metal surfaces blends with the color palette of the style – gray, brick, blue, black or white color. They create an atmosphere of strict industrial premises.

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One of the most popular types of industrial style interior doors is again a sliding door with a barn door hardware. This is an ideal choice for people who would like a wide opening door. As the metal can be sometimes heavy, the barn door hardware is strong enough to carry the doors and provide a smooth opening. Metal barn doors can be used as entry doors, in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, they can conceal the laundry room or the kitchen area. There are models that combine metal panels with a wooden frame and the contrast between metal and wood adds a decorative value to the door.

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Another typical industrial door design is the metal and glass combination. Such doors are an excellent choice as they do not block the flow of natural light and can be used as partition walls, in industrial bathrooms, as a patio door, etc. Usually the metal is painted in black which adds extra beauty and the black trim frames the light and enhances the door as an architectural element. A metal and glass room divider definitely adds an industrial chic to the interior of the room.

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Of course, you have to realize that a door cannot create the overall industrial style. It is an element of it. When you design an interior in this style, you need to follow its basic rules – expose the bricks, if you have any, take advantage of the iron or concrete pillars, use natural wood as much as you can – as a flooring material, for the furniture, the kitchen cabinets, etc. Do not overdo the decoration and avoid an excessive use of bright colors. They can be used as accents but the main color palette should be neutral and natural.


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