How to Decorate Graves with Stones? Create a Neat Grave Design with & Without Plants

by Kristiyana

Regardless of how far away the cemetery is, people usually look for easy-care solutions for the grave design. In the stressful everyday life, it is difficult to find time for grave maintenance on a regular basis. Natural stone in a wide variety of designs is therefore very popular and, above all, durable. How to decorate graves with stones? What options are there besides gravel and edging?

The grave design with stones is modern and also looks well-groomed and noble. An advantage lies not only in the ease of care, but also in the aesthetics. Maybe the grave decoration with stones is just right for you!

Which Natural Stones Should I Use?

decorate grave with stone gravel border and flowers design

It is certainly clear that it should be a real natural stone in any case. They have the intrinsic property of remaining beautiful and robust for many decades, while presenting even the finest of engravings. There are certain natural stones that have prevailed in cemetery designs, and they are:

  • Basalt
  • Fieldstones
  • Erratic blocks
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Quartz

These have a low porosity, which makes them resistant even at very low temperatures in combination with moisture. Softer stones, on the other hand, are somewhat more sensitive and also require more frequent cleaning, like marble, in order to remain beautiful for a long time.

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How to Decorate Graves with Stones?

grave with wreath and lantern design classy grave design


Of course, a tombstone is obviously made of natural stone. But various other elements can also make up more or less of the grave design, depending on how much space you want to leave for plants, flower arrangements and lanterns, for example.

Modern Grave Design with Gravel Surfaces

cemetery grave decoration ideas low maintenance grave design with gravel bed

A very popular double or single grave design is one in which the entire area between the grave border is filled with gravel. You no longer have to worry about weeds, because the grave is covered with a water-permeable film before it is filled with gravel. The grave does not necessarily have to be a boring gravel surface afterwards. You can place plant bowls or pots on it, as well as candles, lanterns and other decorations.

Decorate Graves with Stones: Make Patterns with Gravel

diy grave decoration ideas modern grave decoration with pebbles and white and grey gravel

If a completely covered area is too much of a good thing, you can also form a nice pattern with the gravel instead. Commonly this is done diagonally from one corner to the other in a wave pattern, but feel free to come up with something else. An edging is recommended here so that the stones are not washed away over time, and there is also a demarcation to adjacent plants. The areas without gravel can then be planted – for example, with ground covers.

decorate grave stone with pebbles pattern unique grave decorations

Instead of making such a gravel path, you can also divide the grave into planting and gravel areas. Here, too, you have a free choice: a flower circle in the middle and stones around it, or a triangle cut off diagonally and one decorated with stones and the other with flowers. Or come up with a different pattern! This choice is also well suited if you want to implement a grave design with gravel and bark mulch.

By the way: The option with the circle of flowers in the middle and the gravel distributed around it is also called a “castle garden”. Here, any flowering shrub forms the middle point. Then plant four more green plants in the four grave corners. The gravel layer should be sufficiently thick and high and reach up to the plants.

Natural Design with Lots of Colourful Flowers

natural grave stones with decorative rock garden decorate grave with stones ideas

If you want to combine a lush grave planting with stones with lots of colourful flowers at the same time, a natural design is a good idea. First distribute the stones, which may also look natural or shaped. In between, you can plant any plants. Grasses and flowering herbs such as thyme are ideal for such a natural grave design. The only maintenance required is pruning once a year and possibly watering once in a while during very hot periods.

Stone Slabs for a Classy Look

decorate grave with stone stone slab and unfinished engraved natural stone

Stone slabs can also be laid as an alternative to gravel. These can cover the entire grave area, or can be used as accents and in a combination with pretty plants. A lantern can also be wonderfully displayed on such a plate. The light is reflected particularly well on shiny stones and creates a special atmosphere. You can use panels as well to create steps for a three-dimensional look, on which decorative elements can then be presented at different heights.

Stone for Decorative Elements

single grave with stone bench and plants decorate grave with stone

A stone bench for mourning can be attached, or a stone planter for beautiful plant arrangements. Lanterns made of stone are also very popular and elegant, and can look just as good in the midst of a sea of flowers as in a simple stone grave.

plain and elegant grave edging with white stones diy grave decoration ideas

Combine easy-care grave planting with gravel and glass

modern grave design with glass and white gravel unique grave decorations

Stones for bordering graves in a natural look

natural stones and grave edging design leaving stones on graves

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