Outdoor shower enclosure ideas – fantastic showers for your garden

by Kremy

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Outdoor shower enclosure ideas feature fantastic garden shower designs providing an opportunity to cool off on hot summer days or after work in the garden or just have a quick shower after being at the beach so that the sand does not get into the house. Summer is the time of holidays, of backyard leisure activities, of travelling to your vacation home or just relaxing by the garden pool. Many people dream for a vacation on a tropical island, right? Even if you cannot go to an exotic destination you can relax in your backyard and in the hot summer days a refreshing swim and a shower outdoors can help you survive the heat.

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Whether you pass your free time in your own backyard, at the beach, on the shore of a mountain pond – an outdoor shower enclosure remains an excellent, economical and comfortable solution to wash away the sand and dust before entering your home. When it comes to quick refreshment during hot summer days in the garden, everyone thinks of a pool. An outdoor shower, however, is a good competitor to the pool. It needs far less maintenance, space and can be easily installed. Compared to the swimming pool, an outdoor shower does not require thousands of liters of water and does not need regular water purification. Water is usually supplied by a garden hose or connected to a water pipe. The advantages of the garden shower are obvious.

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Outdoor shower enclosures come in a wide variety of styles and designs. There are many different models on the market – mobile, fixed, solar powered outdoor showers made of sturdy wood or metal. They are perfect for a quick cooling in the garden and look very stylish – functional and beautifully decorated an outdoor shower enclosure will add value to your property and will attract everyone’s attention as one of the coolest features of your exterior design.


Outdoor shower enclosure ideas – how to choose the best outdoor shower for your home?


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Nowadays there are so many outdoor shower enclosure ideas, that you may get lost in the plethora of styles and designs options. We all agree that outdoor showers are very convenient and useful. Nowadays people are trying to live a better life, to preserve nature, resources, and the green lifestyle concept is widely popular. Many people spend weekends and holidays in vacation homes and enjoy the convenience of having a shower in the garden. When you plan to install an outdoor shower there are some considerations which you need to know, of course, some planning is involved, possibly some construction, but this are variables depending on your idea of an outdoor shower enclosure.

 shower enclosure ideas outdoor ideas

What are the types of construction of shower enclosures? Which is the best type of outdoor shower? How to choose the best? Generally, there are two main types of outdoor shower fixtures – standalones and wall mounts. Standalone shower fixtures are attached to flexible hosing and are mobile and are not typically used in enclosures. Wall mounted shower fixtures are stationary and are the usual feature in most shower enclosure. However, it is up to the personal taste of every homeowner what type of shower fixture will be most convenient for him and his family.

 shower enclosures wall mounted shower head stone walls

The construction of outdoor enclosures can have a different look – a shower panel which is the simplest design and the shower is installed in an area where water is available. The shower can be hooked up directly to a garden hose. Often the shower is mounted on an existing vertical surface: a fence wall or a house wall. Constructing a simple outdoor shower is an excellent opportunity for a DIY project. You can use a showerhead and tubing, which are sold in most shops. Make sure that the showerhead is made of stainless steel to stand up to weathering.

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You can opt for pedestal or tower showers. They have the advantage that can be placed anywhere. Usually those models are portable and some of them are equipped with a platform for drainage. This option, however, is more expensive, so you have to decide whether the investment is worth. Wall-mounted showers are attached to an outdoor plumbing which is less exposed. The option is less expensive and offers numerous possibilities for outdoor shower enclosures.

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Outdoor shower enclosures are a stationary structure and the variety of designs differs in style, size, decoration and materials. Typically, it is a closed structure with four sides with a doorway or a screen. The designs vary from a simple construction, which consists of an aluminum frame, and steel to custom designed shower enclosures with artistic or modern design and decoration. Outdoor screen enclosures can be equipped with water heaters – solar or electric.

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The material of the garden shower is essential as it will guarantee its durability, good condition and functioning. Climate plays the most significant role in the choice of materials for your outdoor shower enclosure. If your garden shower is in proximity to the sea or the ocean, you will have to wash it regularly to remove salt residue. The materials for outdoor shower enclosures have to be resistant to mildew and corrosion, to temperature changes, etc. Many experts recommend pressure-treated wood or stainless steel as the most durable materials.


Outdoor shower enclosure ideas – practical tips and ideas


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Outdoor shower enclosure ideas offer a unique experience and become a very popular trend. Once you decide to construct an outdoor shower enclosure, you need to do some careful planning and consider on the type of summer shower, its dimensions and materials.

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One of the most important questions and the first stage in the planning process is the location of the backyard shower enclosure. Location is essential for several reasons. You need to take into account the availability of plumbing and drainage. Make sure the location of your outdoor shower stall allows efficient drainage. If the water does not drain completely you may suffer unpleasant odors and the appearance of mosquitoes.

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Water source should be convenient. It could be a hose or a permanent plumbing. The outflow of water has to be fast and good. It is better to install the outdoor shower on a small hill, as gravity will accelerate the outflow of water.

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Privacy protection is another consideration when you build an outdoor shower enclosure. Some people are more concerned about privacy than others who prefer to enjoy the surroundings and the view of the sea, lake or mountains. If you care about privacy, make sure that the location is secluded and you will not be exposed to the view of neighbors or passers-by.

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Water heating options – if possible, it is best to install a water heater. Some people opt for solar heaters, other prefer gas or electric heaters. Having in mind that outdoor shower enclosures are mostly used in summer time, you have to consider whether you need water heating at all or choose a budget friendly solution.

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The installation and construction of the outdoor enclosure is another thing to plan and consider in advance. A wall mounted shower, a pedestal or tower shower – there are different options. If you choose a permanent construction, it is very likely, that you may need professional help. Portable backyard showers do not require installation and can be easily stored inside during the cold months of the year.

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In terms of design and style it is almost impossible to give any rules. Of course, it is important that your shower enclosure blends in the exterior design and is in harmony with the style of your house and patio landscape. Traditionally backyard shower enclosures are made of wood, but the options are so many, that you can choose any material. You can use natural stone, add exotic greenenry, anything that pleases you.

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Last, but not least, we come to the price. Set a budget when you plan your shower enclosure. You may spend thousands for a custom design and shower enclosure construction or choose a budget friendly option and keep the cost as low as possible.

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In conclusion we can say that enclosure ideas give a chance of every homeowner to have a compact and convenient garden shower and take advantage of the fresh air, the beauty of Nature, and of course, add value to his property. Use your creativity, imagination and get inspired by these wonderful ideas for enclosures!


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