Stained glass windows – an amazing decorative feature in home interiors

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Stained glass windows are one of the most striking elements of the decor. They bring the charm of classics, give lightness, airiness and unique style to the home and create an especially warm atmosphere. Stained glass windows in the interior transform the space, make it festive, sophisticated and often are used as an element of luxury.

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At all times the home was a special place and decorated in accordance with the owners taste and status to provide a comfortable environment for all its inhabitants. One of the decorative ornaments that have become popular in the last few years is stained glass. Typically seen in churches, temples and cathedrals, it captures the rays of sun and create an amazing atmosphere. With the numerous modern decorative materials and many innovative ways to finish the interior design of a home, this colorful element offers unexpected solutions and bold ideas which make any home unique, noble and luxurious.

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In most cases, stained glass windows are handcrafted and real works of art and even if you are not particularly attracted to that type of multi-color art, you can choose subtle designs with lighter colors.

A quick look at the history of stained glass windows

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The first stained glass windows were made of small pieces of glass held together by strips of metal. Pieces of colored glass beads were found in Egypt. Rich Romans used them to decorate their homes but it was used in palaces and mosques in the Middle East as well. Stained glass windows, as we know them today, appeared in Medieval times with the construction of Gothic cathedrals. They were used as a decorative element in churches and cathedrals and showed Biblical stories and characters. While the religious theme continued in the period of Renaissance, stained glass windows were used to decorate public buildings and wealthy homes. This is the time when non-religious scenes appear. The revival of stained glass windows begins in the 19th century and the windows of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Marc Chagall, and Frank Lloyd Wright are among the finest examples of modern stained glass windows. The return of stained glass in interior design offered new applications – it was used not only to decorate casements, but also furniture, doors, light fixtures, etc.

Stained glass windows – the magic of light in interior design

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Nowadays stained glass windows in interior design are used to create a variety of images in different styles. Where and how you can use them as a decorative accent? The style of each piece is characterized by its own color scheme – in the classic warm colors or in more neutral shades.

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Stained glass can be used to decorate the front door or as inserts into interior doors. It is recommended that you use patterns in the same style to create a harmonious and stylish appearance. In the interior it may be present  in the bathroom or the powder room, in the upper part of the kitchen window, bedroom or nursery room. The room will look cozy and mysterious. It is often used on wardrobes and cabinet doors. It looks good in interiors designed in boho style, Craftsman, colonial, oriental, Egyptian style, etc. Stained glass windows give the furniture an antique chic. Children’s stained glass windows, where the main characters are fantastic fairy tales creatures are a good choice for kids’ bedrooms and add to the magical atmosphere.

How to choose the style of stained glass windows?

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Stained glass comes in almost any style due to the unlimited possibilities for creating patterns on the surface. This form of art is as diverse as the imagination of artists and craftsmen. When choosing the style of your stained glass windows you need to choose the right color palette and design which will complement the style and decor concept of your home. Here are some of the most popular styles:

Stained glass windows in classic style – Classic interior with expensive furniture, respectable and noble decor, straight lines and rich fabrics will benefit from stained glass in the same style. These windows are characterized with a perfect symmetry of floral or geometric figures and motifs, warm colors and pastel shades.

Gothic style is associated with churches and cathedrals and religious scenes. Magenta and purple pieces in lead frames fill the house with a mysterious medieval atmosphere and add a feeling of mystery. Usually, the Tiffany technique is used to create pieces in this style, which is the most expensive, but also the most beautiful.

Stained glass in Art Nouveau style is very artistic is distinguished with pastel, muted colors and pale shades, unusual artistic shapes and sophisticated lines – all these details and elements make it a real masterpieces, designer treasures, and their value grows with time.

Abstract forms can be compared with paintings full of meaning, full of harmony of shapes and colors. The basis of abstract style is a series of concepts of visual perception and color combinations.

Pieces in an avant-garde style, for example, would be the perfect solution for interiors in minimalist style and high-tech home decors.

Advantages and disadvantages of stained glass windows

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Using stained glass in the interior not only fulfills a decorative function, but also integrates the space and creates a special atmosphere. Designers use it to solve problems in the design of interiors of small rooms, poorly lit rooms and spaces that require competent zoning, etc. Every element of the interior, no matter how original and spectacular it may be in itself, should work to create a harmonious appearance and to maintain a unified stylistic idea and concept and that is why it is important to have a good knowledge for the pros and cons of stained glass windows.

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One of the major advantages of stained glass windows is their attractive appearance and the fact that they can be used as a decorative element in many styles. This artistic element adds visual interest to any room and the window becomes the focal point, giving the space a personal touch and individuality. Stained glass windows can be used to decorate any room in a private home or in public buildings, even corporate offices.

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Privacy protection – due to the ornate decoration, stained glass windows offer more privacy than standard ones.

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Durability is another strong advantage as well as the low maintenance requirements. Stained glass does not fade with time and its colors remain bright. It is resistant to environmental factors such as humidity and sudden changes in temperature. It is recyclable and can be re-used for the production of new, different  products.

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As many advantages stained glass windows offer, they have some disadvantages as well.  The limited amount of light is probably the biggest con, especially if the window has a busy design in dark colors. In these cases rooms appear darker and smaller because it obstructs the view of the surrounding. It is very important to use stained glass as a decorative element with attention. When it is an accent in the interior it will be pleasing to the eye and will add its unique character to the room but if you overuse it it may not look elegant but kitchy.

Stained glass windows in modern home interiors

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Stained glass windows as interior decoration can be used as an accent, as a key decorative element of the interior, creating a unique atmosphere of style, elegance and sophistication. When facing south, they look strikingly impressive as the sun casts mysterious color highlights.

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However, in modern interiors, designers are not limited to the traditions and they are searching to find new areas of application of this church-inspired feature– in the design of light fixtures, mirrors, furniture doors, room dividers, wall panels, etc. and while doors and windows are illuminated by natural light, mosaic panels on the walls and ceilings are be illuminated by artificial lighting.

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When choosing stained glass windows, you need to keep in mind the functions of the particular room. For example, if you choose one for your kitchen it is better to opt for image of flowers, still life or other neutral patterns. In living rooms and hallways abstract patterns are more appropriate.

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You should remember that stained glass limits the amount of light passing through it and it is better not to use them in those rooms, where daylight is essential. Stained glass windows are a good solution when you need more privacy. They will help you make your home more secluded and cozy. Enjoy the gallery below and see the selection of fascinating stained glass windows in modern home interiors.


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