How to grow fruit trees in containers – what are the best species for your mini orchard?

by Kremy

Would like to grow your own fruit trees, but don’t have enough space? You are not alone! There are many of us who would love to harvest their own delicacies and enjoy the sweet crops! If you thought that you need a large plot of land and years of hard work, well… think again! What is the good news? Nowadays you can have your own mini plantation on a limited space! Yes, you guessed right! Today we are going to discuss how to grow fruit trees in containers!

What are the advantages of growing fruit trees in pots and containers?

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers what are the best species for your mini orchard

Many trees can grow in containers without much trouble and bear fruit very soon after planting. This makes them not only a decoration for your patio, backyard or balcony, but you will be able to enjoy delicious harvest! Obviously, you need to choose the right fruit tree variety, the right container, provide good soil and care. Growing dwarf varieties of fruit trees offers some great advantages:

  • Mobility – you can quickly move your pots to another place to protect them from bad weather.
  • Independence – climate is no longer a factor to consider. If you want to grow heat-loving plants and you live in an area with colder climate, containers allow you to do so. When winter comes, you can simply move your trees to a greenhouse.

What do you need to know before planting fruit trees in containers?

What do you need to know before planting fruit trees in pots


Fruit trees have been grown in pots for centuries, the bonsai techniques have been perfected in Japan. So, what do you need to take into account before heading to your local nursery to get your mini trees?

On the first place, analyze the available space, its size, the exposure to sunlight, drafts, etc. As you know, sunlight is important and your location should provide the most favorable conditions for growing fruit trees. In addition, you need to think about:

  • The right containers
  • Drainage
  • A good soil mixture
  • The variety of fruit trees you want to grow
  • Timely pruning, transplanting and other agricultural techniques
  • Fertilizers
  • Pest control

How to select the best containers for your fruit trees?

How to select the best containers for your fruit trees

When it comes to containers for growing fruit trees, there are two features to consider – material and size. You can choose any material – clay, terracotta, plastic, wood, even concrete, depending on your taste. Make sure that the material will blend with your overall exterior and landscape design concept.

When choosing a container for your fruit trees, the size of the tree is important. For a young tree will need a smaller pot and when it begins to take root, you’ll want to move it to a larger container.

No matter what container you choose for your fruit tree, it will need proper drainage. Make sure there are holes in the bottom or sides of the container to allow excess water to drain out and for the soil to have access to air. Otherwise, your tree will be susceptible to diseases, such as root rot. A great way is to put a layer of stone or gravel in the bottom of the pot, which will make it even easier to drain.

How to grow fruit trees in containers: What fruit trees are best for pots?

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers What fruit trees are best for pots

Are you ready to grow fruit trees in containers? If so, then you will want to know which varieties to choose. Let’s see which fruit trees are best for pots.

Apple trees

Best fruit trees to grow in pots apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apple is probably the most popular variety of mini fruit trees grown in pots. Apple trees are easy to grow in containers. They need cool temperatures and extra fertilizer during the fruiting period.

Citrus trees

citrus fruits in pots for small spaces patio ideas

Citrus trees are low-maintenance and love sunlight. They need regular watering and protection from strong winds. Citrus trees such as lemons, Satsuma orange trees and passion fruit are incredibly hardy and grow very well in containers.

Cherry tree

cherry tree is easy to grow in containers

Small cherry trees would make a great decoration for any balcony or patio. It prefers a mild climate, but not very humid, as it is afraid of stagnant water. Drought and too high temperatures can also damage it, while it tolerates cold well.

Peach tree

how to grow fruit trees in pots peach

Peach is the perfect choice when you want to grow fruit trees in containers. Dwarf varieties reach a maximum height of 2 meters/6,5 feet. The ideal soil consists of clay and peat. The peach tree likes direct sunlight, but it is recommended to protect it from strong winds.

Plum tree

how to grow fruit trees in pots and containers which varieties are best plums

Plum trees can easily be grown in a pot for both decorative purposes and for fruit. This is almost the perfect mini fruit tree to grow in a pot, as it is low maintenance. However, keep in mind that young trees are susceptible to strong winds, so you need to provide adequate protection.



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