Emerald green nails: Dive into the feeling of luxury with the newest hit in the nail art!

by Gabby

The green manicure is not at all a classic nail art, but at the same time it will take the lead in popularity in the spring/summer trends. This is due to the fact that green has various diverse and stunning shades, which reminds us of the beauty in nature. What are the novelties this season? Let me introduce you to the emerald green nails! How to achieve the best nail designs with this stunning color? Let’s find out today!

Emerald green nails: The newest hit in nail art!

dark green nails 2023

Emerald green nails 2023 trend will be all over the internet soon and you better get ready! The richness of the shade will allow you to emerge in the luxurious vibes and sense of nature. We all know that everything nature related will be super trendy this year! The nail industry developed so many shades and different textures to try out that will be absolutely eye-catching! I suggest you make the appointment now, because the nail designs I’m about to show you will rock your world!

Emerald green French tip nail

emerald green french tip nail


We can’t help but start with this classic! However, not only is the color here not the classic white, but the decoration is a little different. This double French tip makes this nail design irresistible! One of the hits for this season as every year will be the French nails, which with their simplicity create a feeling of luxury and style! If you are wondering how to adapt them, try emerald green French tip. I know the color may seems bold to some of you, but believe me you can match it with every outfit! Also, this nail design will go perfectly with your emerald prom dress. For more inspiration, check out the French manicure trends 2023.

Dark green nails

forest dark green nails with gold decorations

Dark green nails or forest green nails are yet again trendy in 2023! But how to create something different from just a simple color? You need gold decoration to match with the richness of the green tone! One of the most beautiful variations is golden holographic “pieces” on a dark background. This design is mesmerized with 3D depth. A deep shadow on the base coat with a gold foil looks stunning. An interesting technique is the imitation of glass pieces on the nails. This summer, the trend will be a combination of the “broken glass” with the emerald green nail polish.

Marble nails

marble emerald green nails

Emerald green manicure with combinations of different techniques, ideally looks good on long nails. One of the novelties for this length is the combination of marble design with a monophonic finish of gray and white nail polishes. It looks like a tiny piece of art came out from the museum and landed on your nails! This nail design will look amazing on your short ballerina nails!

Other nail design ideas

emerald green nails with gold decorations


Green chrome nails 

chrome nails dark green emerald color design

Dark green nails 

dark green nails trends 2023

White nails  

white nails with emerald green decorations

Matte emerald green nails 

matte nail design emerald green black gold

Green nails with sparkles

what are emerald green nails

Emerald green nails with rhinestones 

forest green nails 2023

Forest green nails 

dark green french tip nail design

Marble nails 

emerald green marble nails design 2023


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