9 Ways to Do A Bob Cut for Oval Face Like a Hollywood Star

by Stephanie Yankova

Bob cuts are a timeless short hairstyle that has been growing more and more in popularity in 2023. Just like every other hairstyle the bob comes in different lengths, and shapes and offers all kinds of styling possibilities depending on the occasion and the texture of your hair. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that will fall elegantly and effortlessly at all times, then the bob is just for you. However, we all know that when it comes to haircuts it’s not one size fits all, so you’ll still have to take some factors into consideration, the main one being the shape of your face. As someone who has an oval-shaped face and thick hair, I often find it difficult to find a short hairstyle that won’t make me look like I just got electrocuted, which is why I did my research and collected opinions from our in-house specialists so us, oval-shaped face girlies, can finally have the low-maintenance short hairstyle of our dreams! Without further ado, here are our best pics for bob cut for oval face!

oval face wet hair look bob cut shoulder length trendy blond locks selena gomez

What Bob Shape is Best for Oval Face?

If you have an oval face, that means that your jawline is rounded and symmetrical, and your forehead is wide and relatively short. Lucky for you, this face shape suits pretty much every haircut when done professionally. The bob shape that will enhance your facial features the most, however, is a layered shaggy bob with a shorter back and chin-level front length. Long bobs at shoulder length are also a great low-maintenance hairstyle that allows for easy styling.

Trendy Bob Cut for Oval Face

long bob cut light brown hair shaggy bangs oval face


The bob haircut seems pretty straightforward when you first look at it, however, there are intricate techniques that go into cutting and shaping the perfect do for your specific hair type and face shape. Let’s take a look at some of the most versatile and best-suitable bob cuts for oval faces.

Asymmetrical Bob Cut

asymetrical chin length side part bob cut oval face

This asymmetrical chin-length bob cut is great for people who have an oval face, sharp features and a long neck. It creates a beautiful proportional balance and softens your appearance.

Blunt French Bob

blunt french bob cut oval face middle part straight textured hair

This is an option for people who don’t shy away from a more experimental hairstyle. This blunt French middle-parted bob will work best for people who have naturally straight and thick hair. If you want to make your face appear longer, cut the bob somewhere in between the nose and the corner of your lips.

Blunt Wavy Bob

blunt wavy layered bob cut middle part oval face


A chin-length blunt bob cut is great for people with an elongated oval face. The soft waves and middle part helps to create a beautiful shape that accentuates the symmetrical jawline of your oval face.

Classic French Bob with Bangs

classic french bob cut with bangs oval face hairstyle

This blowout 80-inspired classic French bob with straight shaggy bangs is a timeless look that’s great for people with wavy hair. It can be easily styled by simply using a blowdryer and a curled brush for a perfect effortless everyday hairstyle.

Middle Part Long Bob for Natural Waves

middle part shoulder length lob oval face low maintenance hairstyle red carpet look

This long, slightly undone wavy long bob with feathered layers is a great haircut for those of you who don’t like to spend much time in front of the mirror styling your hair every morning as it usually falls quite neatly on its own. Even when it doesn’t, it still looks quite chic and the best part is that this length allows you to style it in many different ways and experiment with both middle and side parting.

Shaggy Bob with Feathery Bangs

shaggy bob cut side feathery straight bangs oval face

This layered shaggy bob with feathery bangs is the perfect bedroom hair look for short hair that will make you look like a rockstar wherever you go! You can add some texture by adding a few curls in different directions here and there and finish off with a saltwater texture spray for an effortless undone appearance.

Sleek Long Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

sleek long bob cut with side bangs straight hair oval face red carpet look vanity fair

A classic bellow-the-shoulder long bob in a sleek straight style is a great way to achieve a chic look. A great playful element you can add to this hairstyle is curtain bangs which you can easily sleek down and sweep to the side with a straightening serum and medium-strength hairspray for a fuss-free look.

Textured Shoulder Length Bob

textured shoulder length side part bob cut oval face

When you have an oval face and you want to try out a short hairstyle it’s good to have layers otherwise you might end up with a box-like face frame and I’m sure no one wants that. This textured layered wavy bob with side bangs is a great example of a perfectly cut hairstyle that adds volume at the roots and progressively thins out towards the ends in order to elongate your face.

Wet Look Shoulder Length Bob
wet look long bob cut shoulder length oval face

The wet look hair is an all-time favourite hairstyle, especially in the last few days before you wash your hair and you’re trying every little trick in the bag to make your locks look as presentable as you can. This wet look is achieved by simply scrunching your hair with a light weight hold hair pomade and then lightly drying it with a hairdryer at low speed and temperature.


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