C Cut Hairstyle with Bangs 2023: Find the Perfect Haircut for Spring

by Kristiyana

What time it is? It’s springtime! Some would argue that Christmas is the best time of the year, but for me, it is Spring season. Beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere, birds are singing, life starts to look and feel like a real-life fairytale. Wouldn’t you agree? And this modern fairytale can’t go without a real fashionista princess now, can it? As a princess, you deserve to have the haircut of your dreams. Which one would that be? Well, the trendy c cut hairstyle with bangs, of course. You must try it!

C cut hairstyle with bangs 2023

curve cut hairstyles 2023

Thanks to social media, and especially TikTok and Instagram, trends come and go faster than you might think. As soon as you decide to try out something new, you discover that it’s already own news. However, the popular c cut hairstyle with bangs doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It had a comeback last year, but this fashionista hairstyle surely keeps on loving the spotlight in 2023 as well. But what is the c cut hairstyle?

What is the C cut haircut?

This trendy cut is a modern take on “The Rachel”—a classic 90s hairstyle inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends. This haircut aims to make your hair appear longer and fuller. The c cut or curve cut hairstyle cuts your hair in beautiful layers, the longer of which resemble a C shape, hence the name. Shorter layers are cut around the crown to achieve a face-framing effect. The curve cut creates the impression of longer hair, as there are no harsh lines.

Who does the hairstyle suit?

soft c cut hairstyle wtih thich fringe


The c cut hairstyle would best suit girls with long or medium-length hair. If you have thick hair, this cut is just what you need to get rid of unnecessary weigh and make your hairstyle look flowy and natural. Whereas, if you have fine hair, the c cut will give you more volume and movement. You can try this hairstyle with straight, curly, wavy, coily and any other type of hair. When it comes to face shapes, the curve haircut would look flattering on all of them. This hairstyle is perfect for framing the face, especially when you add a trendy set of bangs!

Fabulous c cut hairstyles with bangs

long thich hair with curtain bangs

Convinced to try the c cut hairstyle with bangs for your new Spring look? Let’s then pick out the best style for you! This first c cut with thick curtain bangs would look great on girls with long, thick hair.

Mid-length c cut with full bangs

c cut hairstyle with eyebrow length bangs

If you want to get a very girly look this 2023 for your mid-length hair, opt for this curve cut with full bangs. These bangs are perfect if you want to hide a wider forehead. The blonde balayage makes this hairstyle all the more stunning.

C cut hairstyle for fine hair

c cut hairstyle bangs for fine hair


Want to give your fine hair some volume? Go for this c cut hairstyle with curtain bangs. The bangs will nicely frame your face, while the layers will give your hair body and movement.

Long curve cut with side fringe

blonde c shape haircut with side bangs

Side bangs are still trending in 2023. If you have longer locks, a c cut with a thick side fringe will make your hairstyle even more trendy.

Black c cut hair with wispy bangs

medium c cut with wispy bangs

Speaking of trendy bangs, we can’t forget about those wispy ones! And a curve cut in black would look amazing on girls with blue eyes.

Shaggy platinum curve cut hairstyle

platinum curve cut with bangs

If you want a hairstyle with an edgy touch to it, I think the shaggy platinum curve cut is just for you. This haircut, paired with a full fringe, will make you look like a rock star.

Curly c cut hair with short parted bangs

curly c shape cut with short bangs

Add c-shaped layers to your curly hair to keep it in place and create a cute look. Short parted bangs will nicely frame your face and bring attention to your eyes.

Long c cut with face-framing fringe

long curve cut with bangs

This cut would look outstanding on girls with long, blonde hair. The long, face-framing chin-cut fringe is certainly a must-try. Wear it parted for a glamorous look.

Voluminous curve cut on mid-length hair

mid length hairstyles 2023

Getting tired of your long, thick locks of hair? For this spring or summer season, opt for a mid-length c cut with thick bangs for a fresh and chic look. This hairstyle will give you just the right amount of volume your thick hair needs.

Beautiful red c cut with curtain bangs

red curve cut with curtain bangs

Now this is my hairstyle! My hair is already red, so I just need to get the trim, and I am good to go for this season! I am sure this curve cut with curtain bangs will wow all my friends. Dare to try it yourself?

Feathered c cut hairstyle with bangs

c cut hairstyle with bangs 2023

Looking to add some retro vibes to your hair? Get the c cut hairstyle with feathered layers, and full bangs. This cut looks like it just came out of the 70s.


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