14 Irresistible Chin-Length Haircuts with Bangs to Try Out in 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not you should chop off your locks this season and have been looking for a sign – this is it! For those of you who have been rocking long locks for a while now, committing to a shorter hairdo is a huge step and can often be quite a stressful decision – I’m speaking from experience. You keep wondering how short is too short, is it going to suit you, wouldn’t it make your face look too round, or your neck too short? Lucky for you, I know a foolproof hairstyle hack – the chin-length haircut! This is such a universal hairdo that honestly works for every face shape and allows for various interpretations that can accentuate all your best features. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m an all-or-nothing type of person, so I’m going to be pretty bold here and show you 14 chin-length haircuts WITH bangs because yes, they are a good idea and you should definitely get them!

How to Get the Perfect Chin-Length Haircut with Bangs?

taylor swift chin length blonde bob haircut bangs

Chin-length haircuts are pretty straightforward and usually fall into two categories – beachy waves or structured cuts with blunt ends. Unless you have natural curls, we suggest you avoid doing this hairstyle as it is pretty outdated and oftentimes not the most flattering for your face. The best way to cut this hairstyle is by chopping the hair off just a centimetre or two below the chin especially if you have voluminous hair because once you dry it out and style it, this length will be taken off by the volume and you’ll end up having a perfect face-framing cut! Depending on your face shape there are really no limitations when it comes to cutting bangs with this hairstyle. Usually, the ones that look best are the blunt straight bangs as they help create a beautiful U shape border around your face that truly highlights your facial features. Let’s take a look at some of the most versatile chin-length haircuts with bangs that work for every face shape!

Chin-Length Haircuts for Straight Thick Hair with Curtain Bangs

tan skin brown hair chin length haircut curtain bangs fame framing hairstyle


If you’ve been thinking about cutting your bangs for a while now and you’re still trying to decide on the perfect look for you, that’s going to be just as practical, as it is glamorous, then I have the answer for you! Curtain bangs are some of the biggest hair trends of 2023 with various variations in length, shape and layers.  Little tip – opt for a shorter length when getting this haircut in order to highlight the upper part of your face.

Sleek Chin-Length Haircut with blunt Bangs

blunt bangs straight hair chin length hairstyle edgy haircut 2023

This edgy haircut is definitely one you’ll make a statement with! A modern hairdo reminiscent of the iconic hairstyle from the movie Amélie, this is a femme fatale look that’s going to install add a touch of effortless glam to your appearance.

Red Face-Framing Highlights for Naturally Curly Hair

red face framing highlights chin length curly hair

If you have naturally curly or coily hair, the best way to get the perfect chin-length haircut is by creating layers that will add a well-structured rounded shape to your hair without weighing it down. This is an ideal hair texture for curtain bangs as they help create a frame around your face that takes away some of the volume, which will allow your hair to maintain a well-rounded shape as it grows longer.

Chin-Length Bob with a Gemini Hairstyle

black blue gemini hair chin length haircut blunt feathery bangs


You want to give your chin-length a little twist, but you don’t know what to do? If you aren’t already familiar with it, let me introduce you to the Gemini hair trend, also known as the Cruella hair, in a stunning color contrast between vibrant blue and black! It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of 2023 that quickly became a Gen-Z favourite!

Wavy Chin-Length Bob with Curtain Bangs and Blunt Ends

blunt bob curtain bangs chin length haircut trendy hairstyle 2023

Chin-length cuts are not only for straight hair, so if you’re someone who has natural curls, or likes to wear their hair wavy, don’t shy away from this haircut as it is perfect for you! Beach waves look beautiful with blunt ends, especially if your haircut has some layers to it, as it creates a flawless, effortless and easy-to-maintain structure. If you have an elongated oval face or a high forehead, you can make your hairstyle even more flattering by adding nose-length curtain bangs that flawlessly blend with the rest of your hair.

More Stylish Chin-Length Haircuts with Bangs to Try Out

voluminous shaggy chin length haircut bangs trendy hairstyle 2023

Sleek Straight Chin-Length Haircut with Micro Bangs

straight hair chin length haircut micro bangs

Beach Waves Bob with Side-Swept Bangs and Blunt Ends

wavy bob with side swepth bangs and blunt ends

Short Sleek Chin-Length Haircut with Feathered Curtain Bangs

short curtain bangs straight chin length haircut hairstyle trends 2023

Shaggy Chin-Length Haircut with Choppy Bangs

shaggy chin length blond haircut choppy bangs modern trendy hairstyle 2023

Textured Shaggy Bob with Face-Framing Micro Bangs

shaggy bob micro bangs chin length hairstyle trendy looks 2023

Choppy Chin-Length Haircut with Feathered Bangs

shaggy bob chin length haircut choppy curtain bangs

Pearl Pink Blond Hairstyle with Side-Swept Bangs for Mature Women

mature women pearl blonde bob with side bangs chin length haircut

Chin-Length Haircut with Effortless Everyday Curls and Choppy Bangs

blonde lob chin length haircut choppy bangs


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