Kate Gosselin Haircut: How to Wear It Without Becoming a Meme?

by Gabby

As much as I love innovative hairstyles, sometimes certain trends that surface in the fashion world often shock me. Today, I’m going to surprise you with another trend that we at Deavita have noticed is becoming an absolute hit. We’re going to talk about a hairstyle that’s not new but you definitely know and it’s from a meme – the Kate Gosselin haircut. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m going to refresh your mind with a few pictures now! Why is this hairstyle making a comeback? Can we wear it in 2023? Let’s find out now!

Kate Gosselin Haircut: Should We Try “The Manager” haircut in 2023?

kate gosselin haircut pixie hairstyle karen manager meme

Now that you’ve seen the photo, you probably remember that “Can you call your manager?” meme was a huge thing back in the 2010, thanks to Kate Gosselin herself. She was a star in a reality show called “Jon & Kate Plus Eight”. What is special about her is not only the hairstyle that we all know, but she also gave birth to 6 twins. We can say that she is one of the most famous moms in the world of reality TV. The haircut became a meme, when people considered it as the Karen hairstyle. The name became a symbol for middle-aged white women that gave the “I’d like to speak to the manager!” vibe. How can we distinguish the famous haircut? Let me tell you!

The Karen haircut: Should we avoid it?

karen haircut meme hairstyle for women over 50 bob pixie cut


Now the most important question ahead… Should we avoid this hairstyle or try it out in 2023? Let me tell you that the hairstyle is actually something between an asymmetrical bob and a pixie cut that are blended not so well. These days, it’s short hair that’s on the pedestal right now and there are plenty of trendy options to try and make sure you’re not going to become the next meme. You can also check out if the Karen haircut is back this year! Now let’s find out the perfect short haircuts that are super trendy!

Short Pixie haircut: The Victoria Beckham style

short pixie haircut victoria beckham hairstyle women over 50 trends

The Pixie hairstyle managed to conquer the fashion world with triumph and conquered women of all ages with its versatility and ease of styling. The lightness and sophistication of the hairstyle in this case harmoniously complements both the large features of the face, and the elongated oval, and the clearly outlined cheekbone line. We see this phenomenon that things are coming back from the past. As you can see, this hairstyle was iconic for Victoria Beckham as well. The highlights are still in style and if you choose to adapt them the same way, they will create a lot of movement in your hair.

Short haircuts for older women: Kris Jenner Pixie haircut

kris jenner pixie haircut sleek bob hairstyle

Speaking of “The Manager” haircut, we cannot help but mention the momager herself, Kris Jenner! She is doing the perfect job of adapting the sleek bob hairstyle in the most perfect way possible. It is elegant, sophisticated and very subtle. Who said haircuts for older women can’t look modernistic? It is the way you wear it and feel about it!

The Kate Gosselin haircut: Replace it with an asymmetrical Pixie cut!

shaggy pixie cut asymmetrical bob hairstyle for blonde women

If you want something out of the ordinary, then definitely give this haircut a fair chance. If Kate Gosselin had to choose one in 2023, maybe this would be the perfect Pixie for her. The asymmetrical line gives the needed elegance and will highlight your facial features perfectly.

Shaggy Pixie cut

shag haircut pixie with undercut hairstyle karen

The Shag haircut will allow you to feel free when it comes to styling. It is very easy to maintain and the undercut will create the illusion that you have a lot of volume. This is certainly for the bolder ladies, however it is one of the trendiest picks at the moment. You can even see that men are starting to adapt a similar version called the wet mop hairstyle, that became popular because of TikTok!

Super short Pixie bob haircut

zoe kravitz pixie haircut short bob hairstyles for women in 2023

We all know that we have super busy lives and we need a haircut that doesn’t require a lot of styling. That is the case with the Zoë Kravitz Pixie haircut that is super short and elegant at the same time. I think that this is the ultimate “femme fatale” hairstyle! I should mention that it goes with every hair type and color. You can check out the blonde Pixie cut 2023 for more inspiration, and find how all the celebrities are wearing it now!


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