Why Are Baby Boomer Nails So Trendy? + 5 Chic and Attractive Ideas for Manicure

by Radost P.

Baby boomer nails trend is a design similar to the classic French manicure. It is generally used as an addition to other nail designs. The recent popularity comes from the fact that baby boomer nails are stylish, simple, and clean. Who doesn’t love that combination? Especially after the recent turbulent times, Gen Z realize the value of simplicity and natural beauty. Besides, baby boomer manicure allows you to wear all your favorite clothes, no matter the color. In this article, we will tell you more about this trend and give you top ideas for baby boomer designs. Keep reading.

how to do baby boomer nails

What is the Difference Between Baby Boomer and French Manicure?

The main difference is in the effect that the two manicures have on your nails. A traditional French manicure has a pink base and defined tips, while baby boomer nails are a mix of white and pink colors – creating a gradient effect. Another name of baby boomer nails is French ombre nails. If you’ve been on Pinterest recently, you probably know how popular this trend is.

How to Do Baby Boomer Nails at Home

If you have decided that you want to save money on professional manicure, here are the steps that you should take to get the baby boomer nails at home. Firstly, you should prepare your nails by removing the old nail gel and choosing the right shape. Afterward, use a primer and adhesive gel. They’re necessary if you want to get the best possible result. Then, you should carefully draw a line at the tips of your nails. Put a white nail polish on the tips and pink – in the center of your nails. The goal is for the two colors to blend together. Adding glitter or some other figures is optional, according to your preferences. If you want to see top design ideas, keep on reading.

Chick Baby Boomer Nails with Pearls

french baby boomer nails


If you love pearls, you should try out this design. It is full of glam and class that you will definitely make the impression of a high-quality woman. I can go as far as to say that you can wear it even on your wedding. To guarantee that you will get nearly the same nails as on the picture, we recommend going to a professional manicurist. They have the skills and experience to put pearls the right way.

Sparkly and Modern Nails

sparkly and modern nails for official events

Here is another more subtle alternative to the manicure we discussed above. You can use purple glitter since it suits really well with the pink and white colors, foundational to baby boomer nails. So, if you’re the kind of woman that doesn’t like to be bold when it comes to manicures, this might be for you. Again, you can wear it on parties and special occasions.

French Baby Boomer Nails with Flowers

baby boomer nails with flowers for spring 2023 easter nails

Are you a fan of flowers? If so, this might be the right design for you. To recreate it, you could either paint the flowers or use nail stickers. As you can see, floral art can be applied in baby boomer kind of manicure too. You may consider getting these nails done for Easter, for example. It is the perfect choice for the beginning of a new season, like spring or summer. This design can suit every nail shape and length.

Modern and Attractive Manicure

modern and classy manicure

We won’t lie – this is one of our faves. It’s the simplest option, yet it is absolutely glamorous. It makes you look like a real princess. If you were wondering how the typical baby bloomer manicure looks like, this is it. You can wear it whenever you want – whether it is for work or your leisure time. This manicure enhances your natural beauty and makes you look amazing. For the best possible result, talk with your professional manicurist.

Sophisticated Nails with Silver Glitter

manicure with silver glitter trendy manicure ideas

Even though this manicure has a lot of glitter, you can still recognize that it is a baby boomer style. It might be suitable for occasions like Friday parties, holidays, and many others. If you want to shine from far away, this is the right match for your nails. It is so elegant and youthful that you can never go wrong with it. The best thing? It’s quite easy to do at home.

baby boomer nails step by step

In conclusion, baby boomers nail art is becoming more and more trendy among young women. I guess that you are probably wondering from where the name comes. While the origin is not exactly clear, some people claim that the name is connected to the 1970s, since this kind of manicure was popular back then too. Baby boomers nail is a variant of the traditional French manicure that has a gradient effect. What is so great about this nail style is that it is elegant and clean, so it matches with all kinds of outfits. We hope that our article gave you useful tips and tricks on how to do the manicure at home.


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