Karen Haircut: The “Can I Speak To The Manager” Hairstyle Is Back But…

by Gabby

You are having a bad day… You are at your local supermarket and the cashier is slowly dragging the groceries to scan them… You want to shout out “Hurry up or I’d like to speak to the manager!”, but then suddenly you stop yourself, because you realized you’re about to have “a Karen moment”! Ah yes, the famous meme that was circulating around the internet for so many years now. Well, I am about to shock you with the news that this hairstyle is currently trending. No, don’t get scared! I am going to show you what to avoid and what not and how to adapt this “style” with grace and not scare off any cashiers with your look! Buckle up and let’s talk about the Karen haircut!

karen haircut inverted bob ideas a line stacked hairstyle trends 2023

What is considered the Karen haircut?

I am going to take you on a little journey back to the 2010s when this haircut became a symbol of the white entitled middle-aged women, who can give a lot of attitude for no reason. The meme became really popular because of a trendy show, where Kate Gosselin’s haircut was discussed among the fans. It is basically an inverted bob, with asymmetrical line and highlights. However, you can see a little bit of the Pixie hairstyle peaking trough. So, I would say it is a mixture between the two. You may even know this as “Can I speak to the manager” haircut. Even Justin Bieber had his Karen moment, when he showed up at the VMA’s in 2015 with a hairstyle that reminded us of the meme. Sorry JB, it happens to the best of us sometimes! To avoid THAT mistake in 2023, I am going to show you what to avoid. Instead, you can adapt different versions of the inverted bob hairstyle and look absolutely trendy!

justin bieber karen haircut moment meme


How to avoid the Karen haircut in 2023?

karen haircut inverted a line bob highlights women over 50

I am going to give you the ultimate trick on how to avoid this haircut (because you have to, AT ALL COST)! Please don’t get confused with the modern bob hairstyle that are currently trending. First, if you are planning to cut your hair short for the first time, please don’t do it at home. Second, if you are going to the hairdresser and still haven’t made up your mind about which haircut to pick, don’t mix them, because it can look weird. If you want a Pixie haircut, show pictures of what you like in particular. If you want the inverted bob instead, there are plenty of photos on the internet that can spark your imagination. Also, avoid having this different colors in your hair as shown on the photo. I am going to tell you a little secret – it was never trendy… Now, it is time to finally see what haircuts to try out in 2023! I promise, no one will think your name is Karen, if you adapt one of them.

The Pixie haircut for women over 50

pixie haircut for women over 50 gray hair hairstyle ideas trends

I already mentioned that the Karen haircut is a mixture of hairstyles, which also includes the Pixie cut. The big difference is that the Pixie cut is timeless and it is currently trendy. A lot of women with gray hair are adapting this style, because it looks seamless and chic. I have to mention that it is super easy to maintain and it will elevate your look and make your outfits look expensive! For more inspiration, you can check the top Pixie haircuts for women over 60 that will transform your gray/white hair!

Stacked A line bob haircut

stacked a line bob haircut 2023 women with short hair trends

If you have thick hair and you simply need volume, the answer for you is the stacked a line bob haircut. It is similar to the inverted bob, because it has the same asymmetrical line. For people that have wider face and big cheeks, this hairstyle can snatch your face in the best way possible. The layers add movement to the hair and will give it a new life.

A line bob hairstyle for straight hair

inverted bob haircut a line hairstyle women short hair trends 2023

Are you wondering if you should keep your long hair or cut it short? Well, you can actually have the best of both worlds with the help of the A line bob haircut. Remember Rihanna in the early 2000s? She had a similar hairstyle that was so popular among the girls who adore her. This trend is coming back with full force. It is known for the short line at the back and long strokes of hair in the front.

Say GOODBYE to the Karen haircut and try the choppy bob

choppy bob short hairstyle trends 2023

Choppy bob or the blunt bob is super famous among mature and young women. It is perfect if you have wavy hair, since you are not going to be using a lot of heat when you have to style it. However, for the ladies with straight hair, this hairstyle can be easily achieved if you learn how to create the scandi waves, which are these seamless beach curls. You can check out the short shaggy bob, which is another super trendy hairstyle at the moment!


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