Are Light-to-Medium Brown Shades the New Trend? + 5 Chic Hairstyle Ideas

by Radost P.

If you’ve been on TikTok or Instagram recently, you have probably noticed that light-to-medium brown shades are becoming more and more trendy in 2023. They are preferred both for short and long hair. The reason being is that brown hair color is a lot easier to maintain than blonde or red. A great advantage is that no matter your hair type, there is a suitable brown shade for you. Besides, it just looks mysterious and attractive in the eyes of others. Especially, when we talk about the chestnut hair color. If you want some inspiration about your next hairstyle, keep on reading. We will show you what is trending now.

light to medium brown hair dye brown shade hair color

Is Chestnut Hair High Maintenance?

What is great about the chestnut brown shade is that it is a natural-looking color that is low-maintenance. This is why Sarah Jessica Parker’s hairstyle became so popular. This kind of shade really makes your hair look healthy and shining. If you’re not ready for a full color change, you could ask your hairstylist for lowlights. In this way, you can see what suits you best.

5 Attractive Ideas for Hair Colors in Brown Shades

attractive ideas for hair colors brown hair



We understand that you might feel overwhelmed when deciding what your next hair color to be. This is absolutely a normal and common experience among women that have high standards. There are so many options out there. This is why we will give you some tips. When it comes to choosing the right brown shade for your hair, you should take into account your skin tone. Some shades might be more or less compatible with certain skin tones. The next factor to consider is your eye color. Typically, it is better to go for a contrasting brown shade – in this way, your eyes will look even more beautiful. Lastly, think about your goal – do you want to enhance some of your facial features or not?

Golden Chestnut – Chick Brown Shade Hair Color

professional brown color chestnut hairstyle

This is our absolute favorite suggestion – a warm and smooth color that looks gorgeous. It is the perfect example of a light-to-medium brown shade hairstyle. Doesn’t it make your hair shine, no matter the season? Besides, if your natural hair color is dark brown or black, this is a great option to make a change in your appearance. Golden chestnut is suitable for women with all types of skin tones.

Deep Chocolate Color

hair colors in brown shades deep chocolate

Deep chocolate never gets old. If you want a stylish and classy brown shade, this is your match. It suits perfectly long, curly hair that is well-maintained. If you want to, you can also ask your hairstylist to add some lighter highlights. This color emphasizes your features and confidence. So, rest assured that everyone will take you seriously. Whenever you have no idea which color to choose, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

light brown medium brown hair trend 2023

Blonde highlights can be compatible with both dark and light brown hair. They add a contrast that makes your hair look chick and romantic. Since highlights have many variations, it is important to choose the one that actually complements your skin tone and facial features. Otherwise, you may get the opposite effect of what you have expected. To get the right kind of blonde highlights, we suggest to talk to your hairstylist.

Golden Brown Shade

golden brown color shade

Another idea is to try out glossy hues to create the illusion of voluminous hair. Specifically, this works really well for wavy hair. Keep in mind, though, that this kind of color needs a bit more maintenance on your part. So, you may ask your professional hairstylist to recommend a high-quality conditioner and any other products you may need. In this way, your hair will look even more amazing. This hairstyle is elegant and makes the impression that you have standards.

Sun-Kissed Light Brown Hair

trendiest hairstyles for 2023

Similarly to our first suggestion, this sun-kissed light brown shade can truly transform your look. It is suitable for women of all ages with pale skin. What we love about the lighter colors is that they are simple and beautiful. Also, a light chestnut improves your feminine energy. I guess, this is extra important for you, in case you tend to be a busy, driven woman, right?

In a nutshell, light to medium brown hair color is gaining more and more attention. It is both a classy and modern option that provides a shade for every skin tone. Besides, it is easy to maintain and makes your hair look amazing. Since the pandemic started, many women decided to embrace their natural hair instead of going to the salon every month to change colors. So, natural beauty is more valuable than ever! We hope that we gave you some insight on what is trending this year so that you can make the right choice for you.

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