Attention brunettes! Ash brown hair is THE hairstyle trend for 2023 that we’re obsessed with!

by Kremy

The turn of the year is the perfect time for us to make a fresh start, and in January we suddenly get the urge for a little change. And what is probably the easiest way to give our look a refreshing touch? A new and chic hair color, of course! While shades and variations of blonde are always a good choice, this year we’re going to the darker side. One look at the style icons and stars is enough to understand that brown is the most coveted hair color of the season. Caramel, chocolate, chestnut, etc. – brown hair is anything but boring, but today we’re talking about a cooler shade that caught our attention! Timeless, classy and really chic – ash brown hair is THE hairstyle trend to wear in 2023. Who does the hair color suit? Can you cover gray hair with it? All this and the most beautiful variations of ash brown hair can be found in our article! So let’s go – read on and call the hair salon quickly!

Hairstyle trend 2023: what does ash brown hair look like?

walnut brown hair color ash brown hair Trend 2023

You definitely already know ash blonde. But what is ash brown hair? Well, think of the hair color as the darker sister of ash blonde. The base of the trendy shade is brunette and neutral and cool brown tones are used to achieve the earthy tone. The typical ashy shade is created by combining different lowlights and highlights.

2023 hair color trends for brunettes


Depending on your taste and style, there are endless possibilities to wear this hair color. Sometimes with highlights, an ombre look or balayage – the sky is the limit. But no matter which shade you choose, one thing is for sure – ash brown hair is one of the most hair color trends for 2023 and the almost matte finish gives our mane a cool and modern look.

Can you cover gray hair with it?

Brunette Hair Color Trend 2023 Ash Brown Hair

Do you have a few gray strands that you would like to hide? Then you are in good hands with ash brown hair! However, in this case, we would recommend going for slightly darker shades because they provide better coverage. The opacity depends on the one hand on the type of color used and on the other hand on the condition of the hair. Darker shades of brown blend almost seamlessly into the gray hair and the soft play of colors feels wonderfully modern and youthful. Ash brown as a hair color is therefore the perfect choice for all women who want to look a few years younger.

Who can wear ash brown hair?

Trendy hairstyle ash brown hair trend 2023 Mushroom Blonde Hair

It doesn’t matter whether you have red hair or ash brown hair – when deciding on a new hair color, you also have to consider your skin tone when making your choice. There are just some colors that look better on some skin types than others. Generally speaking, cooler shades, such as ash brown or ash blonde, look best on cooler skin tones.

spice up ash brown hair with highlights dark hair with highlights

Luckily, the color trend, with all its variations, is adaptable to everyone’s needs, and even if you have a warmer skin tone, you can still rock this color. In this case, to achieve the best possible results and for the most natural look, contact a hairdresser you trust. After all, only professionals know how to achieve the ashy, grayish matte finish in the best way.

Does the hair color require special care?

ash brown hair with highlights dark hair with blonde streaks

As with any other hair color, ash brown needs proper maintenance to keep your mane looking beautiful and healthy. If you’ve ever tried another ashy shade, then you know that it can quickly turn brassy and yellowish after a few washes. Unfortunately, ash brown is no exception. To care for ash brown hair and remove the yellow tint, make sure to include a blue shampoo and conditioner in your hair care routine.

Ash Brown Hair: These variations look stunning

Ash brown hair with highlights caramel hair color trend 2023

Just as blonde is not always blonde, ash brown hair always looks a little different depending on the shades used and the starting color. To help you keep up with hairstyle trends for 2023, we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest looks to keep in mind for your next visit to your hairstylist.

Mushroom Hair

Hairstyles Trend 2023 ash brown hair with Highlights Mushroom Hair

Mushroom hair is one of the trendiest ways to wear ash brown hair. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go a little lighter as a brunette or darken your blonde hair – you can’t go wrong with Mushroom Hair this spring! The combination of ash brown and beige blonde highlights creates a multidimensional look that immediately catches the eye. Mushroom hair is usually dyed using the balayage technique to give the hair an extra portion of dynamics and to ensure that the shades blend seamlessly with one another.

Ash brown hair with highlights

Ombre for dark hair ash brown hair color Trend 2023

Would you like a small, subtle change? How about jazzing up your ash brown hair with highlights? Neither too light nor too dark – the trendy look gives us the best of both worlds and is the perfect compromise for all the indecisive. The combination of ashy brown and cool blonde highlights is very chic and sexy at the same time and also makes our hair look much more vibrant and voluminous. Sounds like a real win-win situation to us, doesn’t it?

Ash brown with caramel highlights

 2023 Ash brown hair with blonde highlights hair color trends

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can complement your ash brown color with some warmer caramel highlights. The mix of cool and warm tones works surprisingly well and the end result looks really stunning. To give the look an extra touch of depth and dynamics, complete the hairstyle with soft beach waves.

The balayage look

Cool Blonde Hair Color Trends 2023 Ash Brown Hair Hairstyle Trend

Whether for blonde, red or ash brown hair – balayage is once again the pinnacle of hair dyeing techniques this year. As you may know, the hairstyle trend is about achieving the most natural transitions possible and the ashy brown tones are very subtle and come out perfectly as color reflections in the sunlight.



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