How to wear leggings in fall: These legging models are trendy and guarantee a fashionable fall outfit!

by Kremy

Fall is almost here and with it a lot of fashion trends just waiting to move into our wardrobes. However, putting together an outfit that will keep us warm and still look chic is easier said than done. Jeans and blazers are always a safe combo, but not particularly exciting in terms of fashion. While leggings have long been an absolute no-go away from the couch or the gym, they are making a big comeback this year and are a great alternative to classic pants and jeans. But the question is: how to wear leggings in fall without looking like a couch potato? Which legging models are trending in 2022? Whether casual for a comfortable everyday look or even elegant for the office – in today’s article we will show you the most beautiful styling ideas and explain what you should pay attention to when combining leggings.

What tops go with leggings in fall?

Pants Trends Winter 2022 stirrup leggings combine in fall

With fall just around the corner, our wardrobe needs a new ensemble or two (or even 20). Leggings are being hailed as one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022 and are the absolute star in our wardrobes. But that doesn’t surprise us – the trousers are wonderfully comfortable and a real chameleon when it comes to styling.

shoes to combine with leggings in fall 2022


Okay, what tops go with leggings? The answer is actually pretty simple – almost every one! Short crop tops and leggings are still considered a fashion no-go. Longer tops, on the other hand, are much more flattering. Whether oversized shirts, tunics, sporty sweatshirts or oversized pullovers – anything you like is allowed.

fashion trend 2022 fall Trendy coat and leggings

Because of the longer cut, we can also skillfully conceal and cover the stomach, legs and buttocks area. Slightly longer cardigans or a chic trench coat can also be perfectly combined with leggings and ensure a comfortable, casual everyday look.

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What shoes go with leggings?

Jacket Trends Winter 2022 how to combine leggings in fall

And here’s the good news! Depending on the occasion, you can basically combine any shoes with leggings. Due to their high flexibility, leggings are perfect for the gym or at home, but they also look good off the couch. If you like it sporty, you can grab a pair of sneakers.

fashion trends 2022 which top goes with leggings in fall

Leather ankle boots or over-knee high heels as boot trends in fall also go perfectly with them and the break in style ensures a casual yet chic look. And if you want to style the comfortable trousers elegantly, you can easily wear high heels with them.

Leggings and knitted sweaters for a warm and modern look

 knitted pullover and leggings Over knee boots trend 2022

Cozy and warm oversized sweaters are trendy and are a must in the cold autumn and winter months. So it’s no wonder that we can also combine our comfortable leggings with them. Add chic boots, a handbag and your comfortable yet elegant look is complete.

Combine blazers and leggings for the office

Victoria Beckham Outfits Blazer and leggings

Do you have a casual dress code in your office and are you already tired of the classic trouser suit? How about combining an oversized blazer with leggings for a change?

which shoes go with leggings Shoe trends fall winter 2022

The somewhat loose cut of the blazer covers the buttocks, making the outfit absolutely appropriate. Chic high heels and a classy leather bag round off the look perfectly and give the otherwise sporty pants a grown-up and serious touch.

With dresses and skirts

knitted dress and leggings in fall 2022

Combine leggings with dresses and skirts? Isn’t that an absolute no-go? No longer! The comfortable pants actually go surprisingly well and are a great alternative to classic tights.

pants trend 2022 How to wear leggings in fall

With plain skirts and dresses, patterned leggings add a cool dash of color and turn the look into a real eye-catcher. Whether cozy knitted dresses, made of leather or mini skirts – the selection of trendy skirts and dresses is huge this year and there is certainly the right model for every taste.

Flared leggings as a fashion trend for fall 2022

fashion trend fall 2022 what tops go with leggings

The leggings that are moving into our wardrobes this year are no longer tight – as we are used to. After flared jeans made a huge comeback, a new pants trend is currently conquering the fashion world and our hearts. Flared leggings are back and cooler than ever! Just like their denim counterparts, the comfortable trousers are characterized by a flared hem and exude cool retro vibes.

flare leggings fall winter fashion trends 2022

And no, it doesn’t always have to be black. Flared leggings are now available in all imaginable patterns and colors and make a real statement. Whether casual with sneakers for everyday life or with high heels for an effortless and elegant outfit – flare leggings can be combined in a wide variety of ways and always look great. Since the retro pants are already bulky at the bottom, we best combine them with short and tight-fitting tops.

Stirrup leggings in fall

Stirrup leggings fall trousers trends winter 2022

Who would have thought? Stirrup pants from the 80s are also conquering the fashion world this year and are celebrated as the more elegant version of the classic leggings. The main feature of the trendy pants is the elastic band, which is attached to the end of the leg and runs under the column of the foot. This not only looks chic, but also ensures that the trousers do not ride up.

stirrup leggings 2022 fall fashion women

Although the stirrup pants were originally intended for sports such as aerobics or skiing, in 2022 the retro leggings can be wonderfully combined for any occasion. Wide and longer tops, such as oversized shirts, blazers or knit sweaters, create a really nice contrast and give the comfortable pants an elegant touch. Of course, the stirrup leggings also go perfectly with sports classics such as hoodies and sweatshirts and result in a fashionable everyday outfit.

fashion trend fall winter 2022 women Stirrup leggings

And when it comes to shoes, absolutely anything is possible depending on the occasion and taste. Whether rough booties, sneakers or even ballerinas – pretty much anything you like is allowed. But so that the loops really come into their own, fashionistas wear the stirrup leggings in a style break with high heels or loafers.

Leggings for a chic fall outfit

combine boots and leggings in fall jacket trends winter 2022

A bomber jacket and leggings are perfect for a cool casual look

Bomber jackets fashion trend winter 2022 combine tops with leggings

Oversized jacket, elegant ballerinas and patterned leggings – that’s what we call the finest break in style

jacket trend fall winter 2022 print leggings

Leather jackets also go perfectly with leggings and give the outfit a rock touch

How to wear leggings in fall winter 2022

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