DIY Christmas decoration: Easy 4-step mesh wreath tutorial and 10 mesh wreath ideas on designs

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Less than a month until Christmas, and I bet some of you haven’t even still started decorating yet! Most of the best decorations are probably sold out by now, as you know how crazy folks can get around the big holidays. But you don’t need to worry, as every one knows that the best items are those we make ourselves! Nothing is better than spending some quality time with your family and friends by participating in a fun and practical activity. So would you be interested in designing a unique Christmas decoration to place outside your door, or anywhere else you like, and at the same time save some money? Then you, my friend have come to the right place! Let’s make a beautiful DIY Christmas decoration by following an easy 4-Step tutorial on how to make a mesh wreath, and then look at some mesh wreath ideas on how to style it per your preferences! Who’s with me?

How to make a Christmas mesh wreath?

easy diy wreaths_deco mesh wreath

Before we begin creating, let’s gather all we need to make the best red sparkly deco mesh wreath!

What you will need:

  • 14” metal wreath form
  • 3 packages of red decorative mesh
  • a package of white decorative mesh
  • a package of white and red sparkly tulle
  • 15 red sparkle pipe cleaners
  • 1 roll of red sequin ribbon
  • mini silver Christmas ornaments
  • hot glue
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

Step 1: Cut and roll your wreath supplies

diy mesh wreath guide_diy wreath guide

Let’s start this easy DIY Christmas wreath tutorial by cutting the red sparkle pipe cleaners in half. Then proceed with cutting all of the sequin ribbon, decorative mesh and sparkly tulle into 6 inch/15 cm lengths. The mesh will naturally curl up, which is superb for this craft, as we need to roll each piece into a tighter tube. For the tulle, best to roll it diagonally.

Step 2: Prepare mesh wreath bunches

diy christmas wreath_deco mesh wreath

For the second step of the DIY tutorial, you will need to gather all your bunches. Take 4 pieces of mesh, tulle, and ribbon. Use at least 2-3 pieces of red mesh for the bottom layer of each bunch. Lay the pieces on top of each other in the pattern of a snowflake. Then take a sparkly pipe cleaner and wrap it around each bunch to secure it, twisting at last 3-4 times. Repeat this activity for the rest of the bunches. Around 30 should come out.

Step 3: Attach bunches to wreath frame

diy tutorial_easy christmas diy guides

Time to attach your magical mesh wreath bunches to the frame! Lay each bunch on the front of the wreath. Then go to its back and grab the two ends of the chenille stem. Attach them to the two inner wires on the wreath form by twisting the two ends of the chenille stem together 3 times, around the wires. The wreath form should end up with 5 attached mesh bunches.

Step 4: Glue ornaments to mesh wreath

outdoor christmas decorations_christmas door decorations

Before we move on to the next step, first lay your Christmas mesh wreath on the table to fluff its bunches to get the look you want. Then take the little silver ornaments and prepare your hot glue gun. Apply hot glue to the side of each ornament and place them around your wreath. Make sure they are tightly glued, so they don’t fall off. Congratulations, you have completed your red sparkly deco mesh wreath!

Christmas mesh wreath ideas

diy wreath ideas_mesh wreath ideas

I hope you enjoyed making a red sparkly DIY deco mesh wreath, but if you are looking for more mesh wreath ideas, then keep on scrolling to discover the best ones! Create this beauty by using red and green mesh, pieces of glittery greenery and small shiny red Christmas ornaments.

whimsical mesh wreath_red and green wreath

No elf on the shelf? Go with this whimsical mesh wreath for Christmas and be sure that your decoration will be the talk of the block! This wreath is made of green mesh, an abundance of different ribbons, and for the elf part you can just get a stuffed one and attach it to the wreath.

mesh wreath ideas_diy mesh wreath

Looking for an elegant and stylish holiday wreath? Then you should go with the silver forest deco mesh wreath for your front door! Chic and intricate, this wreath is made from white mesh, ribbons with various patterns, and small elements like pine cones and glass Christmas ornaments.

deco mesh wreaths_grinch wreath

Another super quirky and fun idea for a Christmas wreath! The Grinch mesh wreath is a great choice if you want to surprise your children with a fun and unique design! It’s super easy to make as it consists of green mesh, a Christmas hat, and Grinch’s devilish smirk of course!

diy christmas decorations_diy mesh wreath

Do you want a holiday wreath with an extravagant design? Here is yet another whimsical deco mesh wreath for your exterior decor! For this idea, you will surely need a lot of supplies to complete, but the best creations are always the ones we work the hardest for.

diy wreath ideas_christmas mesh wreath

Another elegant, yet very simple mesh wreath idea to try. The white Christmas mesh wreath is very easy to make, as it is mostly made from white mesh and small festive elements. I just love how the blue colour of the small pine trees complements that of the front door.

red and white wreath_red and white christmas wreath

If you really liked the first red and white deco mesh wreath design, then you will enjoy this one as well! Quite similar to the first, but this craft also includes a silver mesh along with the red and white ones. To complete, you will also need a large, magnificent silver ribbon.

mesh wreath ideas_christmas mesh wreath

Doesn’t this mesh wreath remind you of Frozen? Well, all the better! Get the white and blue Christmas kingdom mesh wreath and awe all your neighbours!

christmas decorations_diy christmas decorations

And last but not least, here is the curly Christmas mesh wreath! Delight your neighbourhood with Christmas spirit by creating this unique wreath and displaying it for all eyes to see!

Hopefully you had fun looking through these unique Christmas mesh wreath ideas, and are currently enjoying the one you made for yourself! There really is nothing better than spreading cheer with a homemade festive creation. Happy holidays everyone!




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