How to keep my Christmas tree alive longer? Find expert advice and tips on how to maintain it healthy!

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Christmas is almost here, and I am pretty sure you have already decorated your Christmas tree. If you love the smell of pine, which certainly brings more coziness, you probably choose a real tree for your home. It is a huge trend this year to select natural materials when decorating for any occasion. Selecting the natural over the artificial will make your home smell like the most wonderful time of the year! But how to keep your Christmas tree alive longer? Let’s find out what are the tips and tricks to try out!

How to keep my Christmas tree alive longer?

how to keep my christmas tree alive longer tips and tricks ideas 2022 helpful advice

If you have already chosen your real Christmas tree this year, then you should know how to keep it fresh longer. If you manage to do so, you and your family will get to enjoy it more. You can even try to plant it in your yard afterwords, which will be amazing for the environment and for saving the tree. With these expert advices and tips, you will learn how to keep your tree alive in no time. Check out what are the best tips!

Choose the right Christmas tree

how to choose the right christmas tree this year tips and advice how to keep it alive fresh green


When you go choosing an alive Christmas tree, there are a few things you must take into consideration. You absolutely need to make sure you are getting a fresh one. Go through the branches with your fingers and make sure the needles are soft and flexible. Their color should be dark, enhanced green. If you notice that the color is lighter, kind of like olive green, that means that the tree is not fresh. You can also give it a tiny shake and if there are many needles that fall down, then look for another one. Be careful, if you find any brown areas, as this indicates that the tree is not healthy. Keep in mind that you should also think about what tree can fit in your home and the weight also matters. When it comes to watering it, the big ones retain more water, which means it will stay alive longer. You can check the different varieties of Christmas trees.

How to keep a Christmas tree alive longer? Make a cut at the bottom!

how to keep a christmas tree alive and fresh longer tips and tricks expert advice

When a tree is cut for the first time, air gets into its tissues and will prevent the tree to absorb the water right away. If you are buying your tree, ask the vendor to give it a straight cut across the bottom. This will ensure that the tree will absorb the water that it needs. It will be ideal to put your tree in water within 45 minutes.

Water your Christmas tree

how to water my christmas tree and when tips and tricks advices ideas helpful

As soon as you get home, make the needed installation and water the tree. The water should be fresh and cool. For the first 24 hours, these trees can absorb up to a gallon of water. Keep an eye on it and check the water regularly. You should also change it every day. Another good tip is to not decorate the tree before you make sure that it is well hydrated. The tree stand should be large enough for your tree. Remind yourself to check the water levels every single day.

Where to keep your tree?

real christmas tree decoration ideas on where to place it cool dry shade keep it alive longer

I know that most of us draw our inspiration from the Christmas movies. There almost every tree is placed next to a fire place for a more cozy feeling. However, this is not a good place for the tree at all! It is not only a safety hazard, but it can cause some serious drying spots on your tree. It will definitely make it brown quicker. If you want to prevent that, you should find a place where there is shade, and the place should be cool. If you want to place it next to a window, make sure you avoid the south ones, or you can draw the curtains to create shade for the tree. The direct sunlight is also a bit dangerous. Remember, if you want to keep your Christmas tree alive longer, it is all about hydration. So if the room is with dry air, consider putting a humidifier in it. When decorating it, you should buy LED lights. They emit very little heat and are going to save more energy. You can buy them in warm white. Now you can get inspired by the Christmas tree color trends and decorate it the best way possible!

Recycle your tree in the backyard

how to plant a christmas tree and recycle it for the next year ideas tips and tricks

With good care you can make your Christmas tree last up to five weeks. Once Christmas is over, most people go to the recycle center and dispose it. However, you can give the tree a chance for a second life. You can plant it in your backyard. Cut the branches carefully and make a compost pile. You will also need a good fertilizer. Go to run the trunk into a wood chipper. Use that to make planters, as they will be great when you try to grow your tree.

outside christmas tree back yard plant it how to grow it properly

How do you save a dying Christmas tree?

If you notice that your tree is already dying, there is a good chance to save it. Use a spray bottle to mist the needles with cool water. You can also add ice cubes on top of the soil, which will keep the tree hydrated between watering. If you think your tree is getting too much sunlight, or it is close to heat, consider finding another place for it where it’s cooler. It is absolutely necessary to check the water levels, if you want to revive your tree.

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