Personalized and monogrammed Christmas stockings for the family

by Kremy

Monogrammed Christmas stockings christmas fireplace decoration

Christmas stockings are the most thrilling accessory for gifts from Santa Claus and not only for children. Of course, the little ones are waiting for the holiday eve with the biggest anticipation and the joy of their faces on next day is one of the most precious holiday gifts ever! We have collected beautiful ideas for monogrammed Christmas stockings which will add to the real holiday mood of all the inhabitants of the home.

Monogrammed Christmas stockings – a beautiful Christmas decoration

Monogrammed Christmas stockings DIY christmas stockings ideas fireplace decor ideas


For all of us, the holiday season is a special time of year. The time when get together with our friends and family. And before we pile the presents under the tree, we need to create a wonderful atmosphere and holiday mood with a magical home decoration. Monogrammed Christmas stockings are a fantastic decoration. They add the personal touch to the holiday decor. Yes, Christmas stockings are an absolute must for the nice decor.

personalized-christmas stockings ideas rustic decor fireplace decor

The classic place to hang them is the mantelpiece so that they are clearly visible and Santa would not miss filling them with gifts. If you haven’t got a fireplace, personalised stockings for every family member (do not forget a stocking for the pet) can be placed on the stairs, or hung as a garland on the wall or on the dining chairs.

Monogrammed Christmas stockings – a lovely gift project

cute personalized christmas stockings for kids angel teddy

You can add to the delight of your children and other relatives with monogrammed Christmas stockings. Each family member should have their own, personal stocking. Many stores offer beautiful personalised stockings and you can buy them or you can craft them by yourself.

white christmas monogrammed Christmas stockings

There are many DIY personalized stocking ideas which are suitable for children and adults and are a great idea for holiday crafts. Ask the kids to craft a stocking for the pet. Some colorful paper will do the trick and kids will have a lot of fun during the holidays. You can embroider the names of the family members, add traditional symbols, stars, trees, snowmen and snowflakes and you will have precious gifts for your children or grandchildren.

Monogrammed stocks embroidered monogram

Monogrammed stockingsgift ideas natural materilas

Monogrammed socks christmas-gift ideas

red white fireplace decoration ideas personalized stockings

personalized white decoration ideas

personalized red white ideas

personalized christmas-stockings ideas fireplace decor

personalized christmas-stockings fireplace decor ideas garland

personalized crocheted stockings

personalized stockings fireplace decoration traditional colors

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