French country furniture ideas – perfect elegance or casual flair

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provencal style design ideas

French country offer all the romance, warmth and elegance that you may wish for. French country style, widely popular as Provence style, embodies the spirit of France and reflects the culture and traditions of the country.

French country furniture ideas and basic elements of Provence style

French style living room furniture ideas white furniture wall mirror

The Provence style got its name after the region of Provence in the South of France. It is famous for the wonderful, beautiful scenery, excellent cuisine with savory spices, a marvelous blue sea and bright hot sun. These components are reflected in the Provencal style interiors which became hugely popular throughout Europe during the 19th century for the simplicity and old-world charm and charisma. Without any doubt the style of Provence is a fascinating way to decorate any interior, whether it is an apartment or a country house and add a trendy flair of vintage and romantic French charm.

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Before looking at the beautiful example of French country furniture ideas that we selected, we have to say a few words for the main elements of the style as they define the particularities of furniture and the interiors.

 bedroom ideas white furniture

Like in most country styles, natural materials like raw or aged wood, stone, natural fabrics, ceramics, are a characteristic feature for French country style. Bright, pastel colors create a cozy and homely atmosphere. Floral patterns and prints and bouquets of flowers enhance the lightness and the rustic charm of the style. Textiles add texture to the interior – cushions, tablecloths, ruffles, lace, etc. Curtains are mainly thin to allow an abundance of natural light. Furniture, in general, is characterized with simple forms and has an antique look.

French  bathroom ottoman stool

The romantic Provence style is greatly appealing to admirers of leisure, the nostalgic memories of the childhood, the charm of the house on the beach or at the foot of mountains and grandma’s tasty food. Accessories enhance the beauty and complement the furniture and overall design – elegant bouquet of lavender, a soft blanket on the sofa, various baskets, boxes, painted boxes and figurines.

French country furniture ideas for living rooms – create a feeling of peace

french country living room furniture ideas elegant living room

French country furniture ideas for living rooms are based on the main principles of Provence style – refined simplicity and functionality. Sometimes the design concept may seem chaotic, but most often the appearance, the layout of furniture and color concept is carefully planned and thought-of. The living room accommodates the family members, visitors and neighbors and if you are a fan of the French country, decorating and furnishing your living room in this style, is an opportunity to create a cozy, inviting interior for your family or more formal, impressive and artistic interior for entertaining guests.

living room furniture ideas sofa set

French country furniture ideas for living rooms provide numerous options for spectacular interiors. Of course, wood is the main material. The furniture has a worn out, vintage look and the colors are not necessarily white, but light. You will hardly ever see dark wood furniture or any glossy finish in a French country style design. An antique cupboard or a charming Shabby chic side tables with a charming patina are placed strategically to accent the seating furniture. A rough wooden table or a wrought iron coffee table enhances the country theme. Seating furniture is usually convenient, sofas and armchairs are accessorized with many decorative pillows. The typical upholstery of seating furniture is in light, pastel colors or with the typical Shabby chic romantic floral prints.

  living room furniture ideas sofa set coffee table

french country living room furniture ideas sofa daybed

French country living room furniture ideas sofa wooden coffee table

French country living room furniture ideas cozy living room

living room ideas armchair

French country furniture ideas – beautiful kitchen and dining room designs in Provence style

 kitchen hardwood floor white cabinets

Provencal style is widely popular in kitchen design. Kitchens are one of the most spectacular, elegant, stylish kitchens and there is hardly anyone who cannot feel the influence and impact of the French country chic. A kitchen in the style of Provence is a combination of soft colors that symbolize the flowering meadows of Provence. The design options provide an opportunity to create an individual interior, reflecting your taste and budget – from modest to luxurious. Nowadays there is a huge variety of furniture options, finishing materials and interior items.

home ideas for rustic provencal style  kitchen

A kitchen in the style of Provence has an exceptionally warm and cozy atmosphere and, typically for the style, the furniture features exclusively natural materials such as wood, stone, brick and terracotta, wrought iron, etc. The furniture in the kitchen is functional and reduced to a minimum. The usual French country kitchen furniture features rectangular cabinets, chests and cupboards, wide comfortable benches, wooden tables and chairs. Remember that the style of Provence was formed by French farmers and it does not require a perfect finish and small defects, cracked, as well as frayed surfaces add to the authentic look.

French country furniture kitchen furniture green kitchen cabinets

The color of furniture in a French country kitchen is traditionally white, pale blue, sage green or terracotta. Kitchen cabinet doors can be decorated with delicate floral motifs. Usually the cabinets are made of oak, cherry, ash and walnut. You can see kitchen cabinets in darker shades in modern versions of French country styled kitchens where the aim is to create a visual contrast. The countertops in French style kitchens are made of either solid wood or natural stone – granite or marble.

kitchen furniture ideas wood furniture cupboard

The perfect accessories and decorative items in a French country kitchen are vessels of copper, iron tools, ceramics and brass as they are practical and have a special charm. Exposed jars of jam, spices, dried herbs, hanging on the walls; wicker baskets; clay pots are used as ornaments and decorations.

dining room furniture ideas window bench

French country style create a casual atmosphere even in a formal dining room. Again, the accent is on functionality, convenience and impeccable chic and elegance. Solid wood dining tables, often with rough surface, comfortable upholstered dining chairs, simplicity of lines, shapes and finishes are the typical features of the dining room. Natural materials, soft colored, striped or floral upholstery, magnificent lighting fixtures – you cannot make a mistake when seeing a dining room in a Provence style. The combination of natural materials, light colors and comfortable furniture has this special vintage chic, which is, especially nowadays, highly valued.

 kitchen provencal style   white cabinets

 kitchen provencal style  decor

kitchen green cabinets

kitchen provencal style  cream cabinets

kitchen cream kitchen cabinets green island

french kitchen design ideas

dining room provencal style wood table

dining room wood table chandelier

  white dining set cupboard

dining room furniture shabby chic decor ideas

French country dining room furniture provence style

dining room furniture open floor plan

 dining room elegant decor

French country furniture ideas – bedroom and bathroom

bedroom furniture ideas elegant bed nightstands

French country furniture ideas feature exceptional elegance, intimacy, good taste and a bedroom with romantic atmosphere designed with special attention to details. The main color schemes include the white palette – white, cream, beige, ivory, milk, the blue-green palette – pale blue, turquoise, aqua, olive green, pale emerald green, pale green, the warm yellow, ocher, light brown and terracotta shades or the romantic, tender lavender, light purple or pastel shades of pink. There are no sharp contrasts and the colors are chose to work harmoniously.

French country bedroom canopy bed screen

Depending on the size of the bedroom, the furniture pieces vary but the bed is always the focal point. Typically beds are made of wood in a light brown, white or cream color. When the bed has an iron frame, it is usually a beautiful piece of wrought iron. A canopy is an accent which enhances the charm of the French country style. A wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing tables, bedside tables with elegant lines – those are the typical bedroom furniture pieces for the French country style. Clutter should be avoided so that the bedroom looks airy and spacious. The low height of the furniture is distinctive. Sometimes the facade of the wardrobe or the cabinets is decorated with painted floral motifs. Dressing tables express the style and elegance of the woman and are characterized with refined elegance, often with carved legs and mirrors in marvelous frames.

 bedroom provencal style decor

Fabrics and textiles have an important role in creating a comfortable and cozy interior and this is particularly true for any country style, including Provence. Fabrics add texture and can be used as bedroom decoration. Linen, cotton, beautiful lace, floral prints, embroidery – all those complement the furniture in the bedroom.

bathroom design

Finally, let’s look at the French country ideas for bathrooms. The typical furniture pieces include antique vanity cabinets. wicker baskets for laundry, retro-hangers, freestanding claw foot tubs. The choice of sanitary ware and bathroom accessories should be very precise with great attention to style and details so that color combinations create the unique atmosphere of the French country. The sink should be made of porcelain, faucets, shower fixtures, bathtub fixtures and taps should match the style. Remember that you are not looking for luxurious and expensive furniture pieces, but for pieces with unique charm and character.


bedroom provencal style  white furniture

bedroom metal bed frame

 bedroom furniture bedding set

bedroom furniture canopy bed loveseat

french country bedrooms poster bed window seat chandelier

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Provence style bathroom

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