Natural stone tiles for bathrooms – Bamboo Collection

by Kremy

Natural stone tiles for bathroom bamboo collection

The Salvatori Bamboo collection of natural stone tiles for bathrooms conveys the calm feeling that you are going back to nature. Inspired by the gentle forms of Asian bamboo, the curvy shaped crinkled surface is etched with a special technique in marble or limestone. So the fascinating surface of natural stone is recreated and the bathroom becomes a real oasis.

Modern natural stone tiles for bathrooms from Salvatori

Natural stone tiles for bathrooms bathtub candles


If the designs from the Bamboo collection are combined with other smooth tiles, the game between light and shadow coming through the relief of the material is a great advantage. The natural stone tiles for bathrooms are suitable for floors and walls and create a serene resting area. They are available in different colors, like black or creme, and have a delicate and strong specific Zen effect. The Bamboo collection is the perfect choice for your bathroom, if you want to create an atmosphere of calmness and simplicity. Get inspired by the beautiful new collection from Salvatori.

Simple and elegant decoration for the bathroom walls

natural stone white

Bathroom wall combined with black marble floor with modern design

bathrooms marble black

Sandstone in light tones for a peaceful atmosphere

bathrooms sandstone cream


 Bathroom wallcovering made ​​of sandstone – the Bamboo Collection by Salvatori

bathroom sandstone



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