Limestone countertops – durable kitchen countertops with a great look

by Kremy

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The kitchen countertop is a surface that serves for food preparation and a place where you keep some of your kitchen utensils. It is important that the stone and its treatment were resistant to scratching, easy to clean and maintain.

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We have collected some fabulous limestone countertops and will give you some ideas how you could take advantage of its natural beauty.

What are limestone countertops?

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Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate – calcite. There are many varieties of limestone, depending on the origin and the content of impurities – quartz, clay minerals, phosphates, gypsum, organic matter, etc.

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For many years different types of limestone have been used as a building material and the material has found its rightful place in domestic designs and is quite popular in interior decoration.

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Limestone countertops have the advantage to come in different colors, including black, but the most common shades are white, gray or with brownish hues.

Pros and cons of limestone countertops

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One of the greatest advantages of limestone countertops is the luxurious appearance and this makes such countertops especially popular for kitchens and bathrooms.

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The material is extremely durable, heat resistance and quite sturdy. These qualities combined with the variety of colors and the aesthetic appearance make limestone very popular with designers and homeowners.

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The unique origin of limestone is another reason for its great popularity and is valued by people as it is formed from shells and fossils and is shaped by sand and aquatic life.

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The disadvantages of limestone is that compared to granite, it is fairly fragile. It scratches easily, absorbs liquids and easily stains, especially when acidic foods, come into contact with the stone.

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This means that limestone countertops require professional sealing as well as additional sealing at least once a year.

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When you choose limestone countertops, it is advisable to opt for a matte or honed finish instead of a polished finish. The matte surfaces make fingerprints, scratches or stains less noticeable.

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