White ice granite countertops for a fantastic kitchen decor

by Kremy

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Why white ice granite countertops and light colored granite are so popular in kitchen design? The answer is that white ice granite is a fabulous stone which adds elegance and sophistication to any kitchen.

White ice granite countertops review pros cons kitchen countertops


White ice granite is quarried in Brazil and has a bright background with blue and gray specks. Its subtle beauty adds character to the interior and is perfect for use in kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Although the material is gaining popularity, you should know, that it is quarried in limited quantities and is limited in availability. White is a versatile granite for any kitchen and will look in a different way with different cabinet colors. The untypical color for this hard stone changes its appearance with different light conditions. In rooms with a limited natural light the darker spots and sections are more visible while in rooms with a lot of natural light, the darker spots are less noticeable and the overall impression is for a bigger uniformity of the color.

White ice granite countertops in kitchen and bathroom interiors

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White ice granite countertops are absolutely design friendly. The bright background is mottled with very light grey specks which creates a fabulous two tone effect.

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Looking at a white ice granite countertop from a distance, the overall impression is of white but from a closer look reveals the awesome gray and sometimes bluish details. White blends really well with cabinets in bright color and stainless steel appliances.

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A stunning dramatic effect is achieved when combining dark cabinets and ice granite countertops. The contrast between the countertop color and the dark cabinetry makes the countertop a focal point.

How to maintain white ice granite countertops

white ice granite countertops contemporary kitchen design ideas

White ice granite countertops have the visual appearance and the clean, timeless look very similar to that of marble but with much less maintenance. Unlike marble, granite does not break, chip, crack, scratch, or stain. Like other natural hard stones, white ice granite is porous but after being sealed it would not need much of a daily maintenance. Spills should be wiped up with a damp cloth to prevent or remove stains. With proper care and maintenance white ice granite will have the impeccable look of glossy perfection for years and create a feeling of elegance and luxury in the kitchen.

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