Rooftop gardens – the green oasis in the clouds

by Kremy

spectacular rooftop gardens small garden ideas trees in pots

The roof has long ceased to be just a roof. It is considered as the “fifth facade” and accommodated swimming pools, solariums and of course, rooftop gardens.

modern rooftop garden design wooden deck planter boxes green pillars outdoor furniture


Modern rooftop gardens are the perfect solution for urban dwellers who suffer from a lack of greenery. In big cities a visit to the park is often time-consuming and in our hectic lifestyle for many people this is a luxury.

Rooftop gardens – an area to relax and enjoy Nature

modern house rooftop gardens trees lawn house exterior ideas

Contemporary rooftop gardens provide a real relaxation area with benches, gazebos, fountains and water features. As an additional advantage to environmental and aesthetic function, designing a roof garden can acts as a thermal and sound insulator.

green roofs rooftop garden designs flat roof gardens

During the summer, the green roof will cool the indoor temperature while in the winter it will help the warmth stay inside.

contemporary landscape ideas roof garden designs modern home exterior

Another advantage of green roofs is that the plants extend the life of the roof itself, as plants reduce exposure to UV rays and absorb roof rainwater.

modern house exterior roof garden green roof ideas

A rooftop garden has many advantages and only one disadvantage – building it without the help of specialists in landscape design and builders may be quite a challenge.

Rooftop gardens – attractive outdoor space

spectacular rooftop gardens wooden deck garden path lawn

Rooftop gardens can be decorated in many different styles, moreover, in the same area different styles can be combined successfully.

awesome rooftop gardens garden fountain design artistic design urban landscape design

The roof is a source of inspiration for professional designers, as well as for home gardeners. Good planning is essential for the successful roof garden. It is the perfect place for a quiet rest or entertaining, sky observation or simply recreation.

roof garden landscape ideas wood deck bench planters pergola

Depending on the roof, you can arrange a comfortable seating area, build a small pond, grow fruit trees etc. Choose plants that can bear the strong rays of the sun in the summer.

romantic rooftop garden small roof garden ideas wooden deck pergola

Green plants do not need as much care as colorful flowering plant species. Herb pots will also fit well into an urban rooftop garden.

amazing rooftop gardens wooden deck pergola outdoor furniture

Furniture is an important element of the rooftop garden design. Make sure that the material is waterproof and the furniture is not too heavy.

garden design rooftop garden dining area garden lighting ideas

Architecture elements like lattice trellis, decorative walls, as well as large trees planted separately in pots and small groups of bushes will add a dynamic feeling to the design of the rooftop garden while accent lighting will enhance the visual value of the garden.


modern rooftop garden design wood deck large planter boxes dining area

contemporary rooftop garden wooden planters roof garden landscape

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