DIY Small garden pond – Instructions for a wooden mini pool

by Kremy
 DIY garden pond ideas wooden pond pool
If you want to create a garden pond, we will give you a quick and easy instructions for building the basin and some creative ideas about the design.

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DIY small building guide
Step 1 – Materials- If you want to create a garden pond, you need two wooden boards of cedar, which are 80cm / for pages / and three 20cm long wooden boards for the widths and the divider. Cut the bottom out of plywood.Step 2 – Installation – Glue the pieces together with glue for wood  and secure the sides to each other with additional bolts. Glue the board in the center, which will serve as a divider – and attach it to the sides with nails. Let the basin dry and coat the bottom with waterproof paint. Place a sheet on it, if you want to have fish swimming in the mini pool. The pond is now split into two – on one side you have to drill holes in the bottom – there you will add plants and soil and install the drainage. On the other half, you do not need holes as it will serve as the aquarium for the fish.

DIY Small design ideas
You can fill the side with the holes with soil and plants as per your choice. Decorate with stones. In the other part, you can add water and aquatic plants. If desired, you can install a fountain pump in advance. Ready! You can also enjoy our other proposals with combinations of seating bench and water feature below.
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DIY Small Fountain
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Small timber basin

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