20 great ideas for patio design – photos and inspiration

by Kremy

ethno ideas design patio fireplace concrete sofa

We often spend a lot of time and energy to maintain our homes, to make them inviting and glamorous. But take a little time to make the outdoor space beautiful. The patio should really look as a harmonious extension of your home. It deserves as much attention as the interior design. We have compiled 20 beautiful ideas for patio design for you.

Ideas for patio design – 3D chessboard

ideas for patio design pool sofa sun side tables


This unique chess is so creative that it will keep you and your guests entertained for hours! Imagine the excitement when your friends and family play a game of chess there.

Ideas for patio design and flooring

patio design ideas floor grass between tiles

This beautiful design creates an elongated courtyard with colorful paving stones and grass. The beautiful stone walls enrich the ambience.

A spacious deck with a gazebo

ideas for patio design brick pavement gazebo

When brick meets the concrete, the end result is this beautiful modern patio. Warm and inviting, this spacious area is perfect for entertaining your guests. With a gazebo in the center, a number of seating and accessories, the design is particularly cozy.

Stone slabs and gravel

ideas for patio design large plates pebbles canopy


Another great idea for patio design utilizes large concrete slabs and pebbles. Once you have placed the plates, fill the gaps with pebbles to complete the look.

ideas gray floor tiles wooden furniture

The deep gray color of the floor tiles leaves the softer wood tones of the furniture and the green of the manicured flower beds stand out. With precise lines and enough space, you can create these wonderful views.

Outdoor kitchen

ideas outdoor kitchen bar counter

Another version of the 3D chessboard

chess board garden design gravel plates figures

small patio ideas brick paving round fireplace

small vertical wall greening sofa

 dining area canopy corner

stone slabs wooden furniture

patio design ideas deck design stone slabs flooring

patio deck design ideas canopy pegola

patio area design ideas stone fireplace iron furniture

outdoor kitchen wooden paneling rattan furniture

ideas fireplace wrought iron furniture

garden design ideas stone slabs gravel grass

garden design grass stone slabs checkered garden




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