The romantic garden gazebo – 23 designs and ideas

by Kremy

wooden gazebo designs garden ideas

A garden gazebo is the perfect place for a romantic meal for two on a warm summer evening or for a tea party for your friends. Check out our ideas and choose your favorite gazebo.

1. Wooden garden gazebo

wooden gazebo in garden double roof


Made from a kit, this self-built garden gazebo features a unique double-dome. Equipped with comfortable rattan furniture and decorative pillows, this open-sided structure is the perfect place where you can read a book or chat with friends. The exterior design is painted with a semi-transparent latex paint. Perennial beds surround the structure, where they emphasize the romance of the setting.

2. Garden gazebo with multilevel roof

gazebo design ideas roof double dome

It looks as beautiful as a wedding cake. This white-painted garden gazebo offers a tiered roof and vented dome. A wooden grid decorates the two levels, and a simple balustrade railing leads visitors in the large seating area. Vents under each roof secure the air circulation, which keeps the seating area cooler.
3. Small garden gazebo

wooden gazebo for garden highlight

Even the smallest garden can have a gazebo for outdoor dining or as a focal point in the yard. The small design means that it could fit almost anywhere. The integrated bench offers plenty of seating.

4. The gazebo as a focal point

white garden gazebo roof bell

Placed in a remote corner of the garden, this welcoming wood construction is the focal point of the garden design, as well as a break from the hectic day. The posts and decorative railings meet the charming shape of the bells roof.

5. Bells roof battens

white wooden gazebo garden

A roof in the shape of a bell is the most striking feature of this wooden gazebo in the garden. The roof bar shows how an open, airy roof improves air circulation and creates dramatic effects with light and shadow. It’s the perfect roof for warm, dry climate.

6. Observatory-inspired gazebo

wooden gazebo observatory inspiration round roof

This wooden gazebo is reminiscent of an astrological observatory (or an alien space ship!) And combines wood lattice walls with roof extensions to achieve the look of traditional English conservatory. The elevated brick platform makes it a memorable item on pedestal guard.

7. Garden construction from freshly cut wood beams

wooden gazebo of fresh cut wood beams

We are talking about something from nothing to be done. The rustic construction is an amazing composition of different parts. The thick, sturdy columns were collected from the beach. The side supports are also rustic wooden logs. The roof is made ​​from an old satellite dish.

8. Rustic gazebo from thin branches

garden gazebo thin branches construction

This garden gazebo offers a rustic charm. Ideal for a woodland garden, the frames are made of small, irregular branches. Such rustic structures should be reviewed regularly if they continue to remain solid.

9. Magical wooden construction in the garden

wooden gazebo in garden fairy tale

The kits that are offered by many manufacturers, are a convenient way to incorporate a construction in your garden – especially if you love DIY projects. Ideally, the components have a painted surface and durable topcoat. The wooden floor should be supported by concrete foundations.

10. A garden gazebo built around an existing tree

wooden gazebo in garden brick flooring

If you can not bear to chop off the old tree, you can build the pavilion around it. The simple structure integrates the tree in the design. The brick base and wooden shingles are the perfect materials for traditional gazebos.

11. Open gazebo with views

white wooden gazebo sea view

This is a perfect matching pair – a beautiful white gazebo is located on a cliff that overlooks the water. The gazebo offers a great view point from where you can watch the water. And it is also a beautiful focal point when viewed from a distance. The open frame, the trim and the small dome are the elements that define the gazebo and make it instantly recognizable.

12. The private garden gazebo

private-garden-gazebo-privacy protection

Like a giant mushroom, this pavilion offers a peaceful retreat in the garden. The private landscaping includes neatly trimmed hedges and bushes.

 13. Gazebo with a bell roof

garden-gazebo-and white bell roof

 A custom roof like this in the form of a bell costs more, but adds a unique style to any backyard. Another cost factor for a gazebo is its location. A secluded location that offers privacy, can also restrict access of vehicles and may require some materials to the construction site to be delivered by hand, which increases the construction cost.

14. Wooden construction as an accent of your entertainment space

wooden-gazebo-in-garden party area

This gazebo is the architectural anchor of a large deck where guests can enjoy the shade and the seclusion of the big trees. The adjoining brick wall encloses the paved area, so dining tables are set up there, or can serve as a dance floor.

15. Wooden gazebo on the water


A relaxing gazebo is enhanced by the soothing sounds of running water. Positioned at the edge of water gardens, it is close to animals such as turtles, frogs and a beautiful koi fish.

16. Carefully plan the size of the wooden gazebo

wooden-gazebo-in-garden double roof

How big your gazebo should be? Plan the size of your outdoor construction by checking your patio or garden furniture on the site where the structure is to be built. If everything fits well? People can easily move? If you like to organize outdoor parties, then the larger the space, the better. This structure is large enough to house a small gathering, but also small enough to create a sense of intimacy.

17. Trio of gazebos

wooden gazebo in the garden three combination

Triple entertainment area with three gazebos. If you love to entertain large groups, this could be the ultimate solution. With the series of three interconnected structures you create a customized outdoor party area.

18. Magical lighting for the gazebo in the garden


If you want to use your gazebo after dark, you must add the appropriate lighting. For safety reasons, place stair lighting to illuminate the path to and from the pavilion. For dramatic effect, use lights that would outline your gazebo at night with light.

 19. Wooden pavilion with a Victorian charm

wooden-garden-gazebo- low roof construction Victorian wrought iron

Add Victorian charm to your backyard with ornamental iron railings between the posts and rafters. This makes the space feel open and airy.

20. New gazebo in the backyard

garden-gazebo-white pointed roof

For new backyards with plenty of open space such as this, a gazebo offers the perfect solution. The walkway and flowers make this elegant structure look as if it had always been there.

21. Small gazebo, big impact

small-garden-gazebo-hanging baskets flowers latte roof

Even a small gazebo could have a big impact. This structure provides a great hideaway on the edge of a wooded area and a look back toward the house. Plants add color and fragrance.

22. Classic gazebo from cedar wood

wooden-gazebo-garden-forest landscape

This classic cedar gazebo built with a wood shingle roof, dome and smaller elements in Victorian style, offers a contemplative resting in a backyard.



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