Even men have their place on Deavita! In our section Men’s World, you can always discover useful information, tips, and suggestions! They are increasingly looking after their appearance and healthy lifestyle, want to look young and vital in their private life and keep up with the latest trends in Cars watches and luxury lifestyle accessories. Here are tips and tricks for male beauty problems such as pimples, receding hairline or too little beard. We answer questions about beauty care, hairstyles, fashion & style. These include: How to promote beard growth? With which shirt is it best to combine a black suit? Which hairstyles are perfect for the oval face? Just browse through our pages and find out! With the men’s world is the world, seen from the point of view of a man meant.

2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class – a luxurious and refined compact SUV

Tesla Model X – an economic electric SUV that offers many advantages

Tesla Model 3 design, interior and technical specifications


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