Pallet house plans and ideas – give new life to old wooden pallets

by Kremy

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We will show you some very creative ideas how you could use old pallets and give new life to wood. Pallet house plans could feature a cute playhouse for your kids, a backyard escape shed for yourself and even elaborate pallet house designs. It all depends on your creativity and some help from friends. Pallets are well-known even to those who are not related to trade or logistics. This type of packaging is so common and widely used all over the world. The low cost of the material allows homeowners to build various structures and designers come up with many creative ideas.

kids pallet playhouse small playhouse ideas recycled wood


There is nothing that will make your kids happier than a playhouse of their own. You do not need a phenomenal plan or a complex construction. There are many pallet house plans that are simple enough and will not take much time, effort and money. As a caring parent you are completely aware that outdoor playing activities help a lot to make your child stronger and healthier. On the other hand you will be saved from worrying for the safety of your children and you will know that they have a safe playground right in your yard. When you use old pallets for the construction of a playhouse make sure that the wood is not treated with chemicals or painted with paints containing toxic ingredients. The most important rule when choosing pallets as a building material is to get pallets without visible damage of the wood.

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If you have already chosen your pallet house design, here are a few tips that will be useful before you start to build.

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Pallets from pine or mahogany wood are better for constructing framework so try to find the best wood you can.

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It is not only children who enjoy spending time outdoors during the summer. You could use small pallet home plans and build the perfect backyard escape for yourself. That will be your cozy little corner for relax after a tiresome day or for a peaceful rest in the weekend. Again you could use wood from pallets and your retreat will be cost effective. Some plants, flower pots, colorful pillows and curtains, a few candles and lanterns and you will create a unique space.

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In the gallery below you will see the versatility of pallets as a building material. Pallets can be put up quickly to form basic structures and pallet house designs vary from simple constructions to incredibly creative designs with original shapes. One of the most famous projects for pallet house designs is built over a decade ago. Built from recycled wood, the building itself is recyclable and affordable. You could use the idea and build one either as a small summer house or even as a guest house.

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